Discovery of Musicals

One of the best things about being a musical fan is discovering what a musical is capable of. Growing up, I basically discovered what a musical is able to do on a basic level. Through the ones I grew up with, there was dance, spectacle, positive and negative emotions and those emotions were excitement, love, joy, and sad and I even was able to learn that musicals are known for giving you an emotional connection. I even learned that all musicals were happy, but later I discovered that statement was not even true to begin with.

I especially love discovering musicals now because musicals are capable of even more than they were capable of when I was younger. Out of the blue, tragic musicals decided to enter my life. I did believe the all musicals were happy, but I think the tragic musicals picked the right timing to enter my life. It is also even ironic what tragic musical I fell in love with first. It might seem like Les Mis was part of my life first, but it actually was Rent even though I realized Rent was sad after I learned Les Mis was tragic. I fell in love with Rent by listening to the songs through Pandora in Fall of 2012 and did not even know the plot, but I knew I just had to see the stage show live, which still hasn’t happened, but next year it is finally coming to my hometown and I asked Santa to give me tickets to see it next year.

Possible Spoilers of Les Mis:

I started really loving discovering what musicals were capable of when Les Mis entered my life. I first saw that movie in December of 2012 and I was so confused and shocked when that musical entered my life. I was kind of reluctant to see the movie because the preview wasn’t that convincing, but I went anyways just to listen to “I Dreamed a Dream”. Right after Fantine died, I realized Les MIs was tragic and I was thinking “wait a minute, musicals can be tragic”! I just didn’t know what to do and so as result I watched the rest of the movie in such shock that I just had a hard time paying attention. By the end, I only remembered hearing “I Dreamed a Dream”, “Master of the House”, and “Do You Hear the People”. “Do You Hear the People Sing” was stuck in my head and it still is today. So after watching that movie for the first time, I was thinking “did I just learn to like a tragedy?” However I really did not know if I liked it or not.

But I still went straight and started researching the musical almost as if Les Mis was supposed to become part of my life. I decided to give the movie a second chance and I was able to calm down and truly pay attention and thats when I started crying and that time was when I knew that there was something special about Les Mis. During the first time, I think my soul was moved while I wasn’t. But during this second time, I was fully moved and knew that I found something very special in this musical and wanted to know why I felt uplifted so I started digging even deeper into the musical. I later learned it was truly a story about hope, compassion, love, forgiveness, sacrifice, humanity and redemption.


Ever since Les Mis, I was more interested in discovering what a musical is capable of especially in the emotions. Though Les Mis, I realized that musical emotions were more capable than I originally thought. Les Mis just is that kind of musical that is uniquely more powerful and covered with more emotions than any other musical I discovered. The Les MIs emotions I know exist are passion, excitement, love, joy, hope, compassion, forgiveness, uplifting, heartbreak, sad, loneliness, desperation, devastation, depressing, hopeless, uncomfortable, fear, guilt, and anger among many others.

Musicals are more capable than I once thought they are were. That shows how much musicals have grown over the years. Musicals emotions like to mature over time, which makes me feel more vulnerable with musicals as I get older. I even discovered a new kind of spectacle that musicals were capable of, which was circus, which I learned through “Pippin”, which I wanted to see since I listened to “Corner of the Sky” and what I knew about Pippin coming in was the whole circus theme and what Corner of the Sky was about and through the preview and through that song, I was able to guess correctly that Pippin was in fact a musical comedy.


I even have been able to discover different kinds of dance, which was clearly learned through Newsies this year. It was the first musical I saw where the entire cast was mainly male-based. Different kinds of dance were introduced where boys were jumping high up in the air, over each other , dancing on newspapers and sliding under each other.


All because of Les Mis, I became more interested in discovering what in the world musicals can truly be capable of. All because of that musical, I was more inserted in discovering those negative emotions and it was not just the negative emotions that changed because the positive emotions seem to change while negative emotions change since the two clearly rely on each other. Because of all these changes, instead of calling all musical happy and full of life (meaning only those exciting numbers) I started calling all musicals joyful (referring to the experience and the positive nature), and full of life ( referring to the entire story), emotional and unique .

Any other musical fan, do you all like fully discovering what a musical is capable of?



Author: mphtheatregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog mainly is about musicals. Every so often I talk about spirituality. Sometimes I add in movie reviews, book reviews, and about my life in general. I hope you find my blog inspiring.

17 thoughts on “Discovery of Musicals”

  1. I think that you put all of that into words perfectly. It’s hard to describe how musicals change along with a person and how a person changes along with the musicals they fall in love with. I think that this can be said about many things, but musicals, I feel, are the prime example of that in my life.


    1. Each time I fall in love with a new musical, it impacts the others and has an impact on the emotions as well. I remember this year I saw Newsies for the first time and there was excitement, love, joy, and sad. Sad was felt innocently as it was the first time I saw the show.

      When you describe one show, you really are not able to really say much about what a musical is capable of. To describe the full of scope of the musical world’s capability, you need to combine them together and everything gets balanced out perfectly


      1. That’s definitely true. I don’t think that that’s the great thing about musicals. There’s a colorful palette of emotions that all mix together to create on beautiful show.


      2. Interesting how you describe the emotions on a palette. The positive and negative emotions are all over the place and so multi-dimensional. There are some musicals were those negative emotions are basically non-existent and you need those kind of musicals to exist to balance out other musicals


      3. I agree. I like listening to musical theatre songs on shuffle and it’s nice to have that balance between happy and sad and everything in between.


      4. Sometimes I do the exact same thing. I think my favorite emotion growing up was excitement. There was kind of sound that I really loved when I was growing. You know those numbers that basically start out slow and than they explode by speeding up. Those numbers are songs like “Seize the Day”, “Do Re Mi”, and “Dancing Through Life”. The exciting songs like any of those were the kind of songs I really loved when I was younger


      5. Oh, yeah! I love listening to those songs that really just get you amped up and excited. I especially like to listen to those sorts of songs in the morning.


      6. Yep! I think that those are some of the best songs when you get to see a musical live because the energy is so amazing with the actors on stage and the entire audience around you.


      7. My dad asked me the other day why I love seeing dance/spectacle on stage. I never was actually asked that before and had to think about it. I love the dance/spectacle because of the amazing energy and the exciting songs are always strong and are one of the best parts a musical has


      8. I agree. When I saw The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, I was blown away by the energy exerted by the actors during Hannibal, Masquerade, and even Don Juan. I’d seen Phantom countless times on my T.V. screen though either the 25th anniversary production or the movie but the experience never really compares to seeing it live on stage in my opinion.


      9. No experience ever compares to seeing a stage show live. That is the power of live theatre because the emotions seem to be stronger. I saw Phantom of the Opera two years ago with mom and my mom said I was spellbound from start to finish and I almost cried


      10. Yeah, definitely. There’s something just so different about actually being in the theatre and feeling that energy. People always think I’m crazy when I say this to them and I think that it’s really just one of those things that you can only truly understand if you’ve seen a musical or any sort of show live. It’s a completely different experience.


      11. Next semester, my school is putting together “Little Shop of Horrors” and so excited. I am going to help sell tickets because I have assigned to box office manager. Never seen it before, but already love some of the songs.


  2. This is so so so Awesome!!!! You don’t know how much I am loving it, you penned it so amazingly….
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