The Strong Spirit

Dear Strong Spirit,

You are one of the best gifts that God gave me. I was called a rare bird today while volunteering at Loaves and Fishes. You are very infectious and help spread light. People truly radiate off of me, which in turn is radiated off of you. One of the best parts about you is the big heart that I have. I may be a college student, but I already realized my calling. I was called to help the homeless and those living in poverty. I realize that I would rather do a job that I love than do a job that makes a lot of money. You are truly beautiful and truly impact other people. I will always try to make you stronger and give you room to truly grow. I have realized that you are strong back in high school and glad I was able to notice that. Now you have been able to grow through my passion for volunteering, my club, and the Gathering. Due to you, I have been able to stay true to myself.


Author: mphadventuregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog deals with spirituality and musicals. I am finding that by writing about these, I am realizing I know more about each of them then I think I do. I hope you find my blog inspiring!

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