Dancing World of Musicals

One of the most entertaining parts about musicals is all of the dancing. The dancing is one of the main reasons why I love musicals. This year, I saw two musicals that have dance in them, which were Wicked and Newsies. In Wicked and Newises, the dance is there to help advance plot. It adds something to the experience. The dancing in Newsies was truly mind-blowing. These boys were doing flips, jumping over each other, sliding under each other, jumping off of tables,  jumping high up in the air, tap-dancing, ballet, and dancing on top of newspapers. That is a lot of dancing involved in one show. The songs the Newsies get to sing are the best songs in the entire musical, which in my opinion includes both versions of Santa Fe and Something to Believe in.


As for Wicked, the dancing is quite different because the dance has to speak a different language. The dancing in Wicked has to transport you to the land of OZ. One special moment of dance to note is during “Dancing Through Life”. This is at the moment when Elphaba arrives. She obviously has never been to a dance and people find her dancing to get quite silly. Well, Glinda decides to join Elphaba in with her dance and that is where their friendship truly begins. All of the students join in the dance as well. That moment becomes something special. Two other times the dance happens is during “What is This Feeling” and “One Short Day”.



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