Characters I Possibly Would Have Played If I Decided to Be A Musical Theatre Actress

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I keep on being asked if I actually was going to be a musical theatre actor, which roles and shows would I have wanted to be in. I know I am not planning to a musical theatre actress, but if I was, I know which roles I would have wanted to perhaps play. I decided to play along with that question.

Possible Spoilers:

  1. Elphaba- would have been the ultimate role for me. I strongly admire her strength, courage, and big-heart. Like I said in an earlier post, I relate so much to this incredible young women. I am talkative, smart, determined, different, big-hearted and also believe in equality and staying true to myself. images
  2. Eponine- of course I would have put a Les Mis character on here. This was a tough decision only because of the heartbreak and pain and fate some of these characters would have to face. Of all the female characters, I love the brave, loving, and loyal Eponine the most. Eponine is quite a heartbreaking and tragic character because she has to face abuse from her parents, extreme poverty, and unrequited love. Her unrequited love for Marius is what keeps her going. It may be emotionally painful, but she stays loyal to him all the way to her tragic fate. But I think her fate is so beautiful and she at least gets to experience happiness for once in her life. She gets shown compassion and feels loved for the first time ever.


I really don’t know what other roles I would have wanted to play. Elphaba and Eponine both have some similarities, but am well aware they are strongly different from each other. They both have conflicted and tough lives, but they thrive in the midst of it all. These two girls are an outcast in their families. Their family lives are quite broken. Elphaba’s father hates her for being green and blames her for the reason Nessa is disabled. We later learn in act two, Nessa completely betrays her sister. As for Eponine’s family situation, she is mistreated and terribly abused. She is raised by pickpockets and never had a strong support system growing up. Her broken family situation is way worse then Elphaba’s.

They both face unrequited love, but like I previously said, the unrequited loves are largely different. Elphaba realizes that her best friend, Glinda, loves him. Elphaba is quickly able to get over Fiyero. That is due to the fact that the unrequited love is part of the first act and a couple of years pass at the beginning of act two. That was enough time for Elphaba to get over him. In the second act, a plot twist happens in the love triangle. Fiyero actually breaks up with Glinda and ends up with Elphaba.

As for Eponine’s situation, her unrequited love for Marius is deeper and even more painful. Eponine is stuck in unrequited love and will never climb out of it. Marius is what allows her to thrive in the midst of unfortunate situations. She responds to this unrequited love by showing true love towards Marius. She risks her life several times for him and does everything she can to make sure Marius is happy.




Author: mphadventuregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog deals with spirituality and musicals. I am finding that by writing about these, I am realizing I know more about each of them then I think I do. I hope you find my blog inspiring!

2 thoughts on “Characters I Possibly Would Have Played If I Decided to Be A Musical Theatre Actress”

    1. People keep on asking me which of the two is my all-time favorite. The thing is they are strongly different from each other in many ways. I respond to this question by calling Wicked my favorite musical comedy.

      One of these is a magical, dance/spectacle-filled, fantasy-natured, colorful, lavish musical comedy. I relate to this one the most because of Elphaba.

      The other one is an epic, inspirational, extremely powerful and emotional, musical tragedy.

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