Why I love Musicals

What is about the world of musicals that makes me love them so much?

Musicals are built around the genre of comedy. I know that through experience. Growing up, I learned the basics of musicals through the happy musicals that I grew up with. I learned about the positive and negative emotions. I learned about the spectacle and dance, fun sets and colorful costumes. Musicals were perfect just the way  they were and I thought I knew everything about musicals. Now heres when things start to drastically change. Before college, I was already a musical fan. Tragedies decided to enter the picture and one tragedy completely changed my opinion of musicals. It decided to go above and beyond with the emotions and actually made me care so much more about the emotional connections found in musicals.

They just create this wonderful experience. The biggest strength of musicals is the storytelling. The songs help create the story and they need to reflect the storyline. Even the dancing and spectacle play a role in the storytelling. Those two elements help advance the plot and make the setting believable. The stories of musicals are so vastly different from each other. That explains why there are so many different emotional natures. Each musical that I love provides me with a different experience because the stories vary and due to that the emotions vary as well. Because of the wide range of stories, subject matter of the songs, and types and lives of the characters, it makes the emotional nature so challenging to describe.

When it comes to a story, I want to connect to the characters. The thing that usually makes be connect to the material are the songs themselves. That means that the songs must be good, which leads to a positive response. All of the musicals I love have songs that I love. The songs are the most important part of a musical and they need to know how to reflect the story. Some stories require a score that is just filled with positive emotions. There are also stories that require a score that is filled with positive and negative emotions. It just depends on the nature of the story.  The shows I tend to connect to the most are those musicals that have both positive and negative emotions.

Falling in love with the songs also means falling in love with the emotions as well. Yes, the negative emotions do hurt, but there is pleasure feeling them. There is only pleasure feeling the negative emotions if you care about the characters and want to go on their journeys. Some of the sad songs are in fact some of the most beautiful songs in musical theatre history. It does sound ironic that the negative emotions can be so beneficial to a musical experience. Usually the best scores have the best characters and strongest stories. The main reason why I prefer musicals that have joy and sad is because it makes the story feel more real and makes the characters more fascinating.I find myself understanding the negative emotions the best if joy is involved. The negative emotions are beneficial to a musical experience because they add so much texture and help characters become real. Sad knows how to strengthen plot and I know it is not part of every single musical exactly.

I always find myself slowly falling in love with characters and plot. I find the plot, characters, and songs to be so connected to each other. The best musical experiences have a collection of songs that fit well with the characters and storylines of the musical. The positive and negative emotions can be very tricky to interpret for various reasons. Positive and negative emotions in musicals range from excitement, uplifting, joy, love, hope, compassion, passion, haunting, sad, heartbreak, loneliness, anger, fear, frustration, guilt, hopeless, desperation, devastation, depressing, and uncomfortable. That is a lot of musical emotions, but I have nothing wrong with any of them.

On top of the songs, there is also the spectacle and dance. I always look forward to those two moments. Spectacle shows up through magical dances, circus elements among many other things. There is this amazing energy created by the spectacle and dance. I think all of the different elements of musicals know how to brilliantly come together. Not all musicals have spectacle or dance, but there is nothing wrong with that.






Author: mphadventuregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog deals with spirituality and musicals. I am finding that by writing about these, I am realizing I know more about each of them then I think I do. I hope you find my blog inspiring!

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