The Energy found in Musicals

When I first came across this, I had no idea what it meant. Zing is basically “energy, enthusiasm, and liveliness”. Zing reminds me of the world of musicals. The definition reminds me mostly of the exciting numbers, but can relate to other emotions as well. Excitement was the emotion I cared about the most growing up. There is a certain Broadway sound that comes to mind when I think musical and that usually is reflected in the exciting numbers. Usually there might be dance or spectacle involved. Songs such as “dancing through life”, “seize the day”, “your’e never fully dressed without a smile”, and “wells fargo wagon” fit under this category. These are songs that I consider to be show-tunes and I described them as lively and then decided to use full of life.

But what about the other songs. The other songs do reflect zing as well, but just in a different way. There even can be a strong energy in the heartbreaking songs or any song that is not exciting. Those can be beautiful love ballads such as “something to believe in” or “something good” or “as long as your’e mine”.

In fact the heartbreaking and the love songs are linked strongly together, which explains why both of those emotions tend to be reflected in beautiful songs. Heartbreak, loneliness, anger, and sad  happens in love situations of unrequited love, break-up, or a tragic love story. So it makes sense that love and heartbreak have a wonderful relationship to each other. But the strongest love in a musical will always be your love of the show.

All musicals are full of life because every musical is conveying a story that is being brought to life. Even the death scenes would be considered full of life, which sounds a bit ironic, but once again the story is still being told. It is much harder to describe why songs that are not exciting have an incredible energy to them. That is reflected based off of the nature of the song. There can be a moment where these songs begin to gain power, strength, or insight. Like during a love duet, the energy starts getting in there once another character joins in. The same thing happens when the song has a sudden key change or where the song starts to gain power.

The energy of musicals is reflected differently due to the fact that every musical is different. Also, you can see the same musical more then once and you get a different experience each and every time. There is an energy that is reflected off of the audience and the cast. You react based off of the actor’s portrayals of the character and they react based off of your reactions.

There is a two way sort of emotional nature as well. The emotions you are feeling belong to the characters, but at the same time you have your emotions. That has to do with your experience and what you make of it. It also has to do with weather or not you are watching it and are becoming a fan of the show. So there is pleasure feeling negative emotions if you have fallen in love with a heartbreaking song or the story or character itself.

I describe musicals based off the light and not off of the dark. That is how I view musicals. I want sources of light and dark to be present. I want joy and sad to exist at well. But the only way I even can appreciate feeling the negative emotions is if the positive emotions are there as well. Sometimes you have no pleasure feeling the negative emotions at all and that can lead to a negative experience even if you truthfully feel them. But seeing through the light actually gives me a better understanding of the negative emotions.

The happy and the sad songs need to work together in order to have a positive experience. Joy and sad rely on each other so much and there needs to be a nice balance between the two. The only way there can be too much sadness is if the positive emotions or a source of light never show up. All musicals have a piece of light and positive emotions in them.There is great beauty in both joy and sad. The musicals that have both tend to have the strongest plots and the best emotional connections. Musicals are not unrealistic in my opinion because they just convey a story in a different way and the songs helps you connect stronger to the characters then words alone.


Author: mphadventuregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog deals with spirituality and musicals. I am finding that by writing about these, I am realizing I know more about each of them then I think I do. I hope you find my blog inspiring!

3 thoughts on “The Energy found in Musicals”

  1. Wow I finally found a fellow musical fan in the WP community! Really enjoyed your post and thank for posting it! The zing 🙂 of musicals is what really fascinates me too.
    Also, just wondering, do you listen to Hamilton by any chance?


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