Kanuga Poems

This is a list of poems I wrote while at Kanuga. Kanuga is an Episcopalian Conference Center in the mountains. My church is having their Parish Weekend there this weekend. Since I cannot go, I decided to share some of the poems that I wrote during one of those weekends.

I Am:

I am the lake

which is very special

I am the trees

which is home to the creatures all around

I am the creatures

which provides a relaxing sound

I am the ground

which is home to the plants that exist

I am the sky

which is fun to watch

I am the blue mushroom

which is an incredible sight

I am the pond

which is full of questions

I am everything

which really shows the creation

I am God

which provided all the nature


My Sacred Tree:

One skinny, one so thick

The thick is a father to the thin

The really thick one has a stump next door

The thin is sort of bendy

But the branches are fun

But the thick is so fun

The thin wraps around the thick

The thick is so tall

which appears more thin near the top

The thin has some moss

The leaves on each work so nicely together

The barks of both so different

The thick is more clay color

But thin a lot more pink

They still work so well together

What a site to see fraternal twin trees

The trees speak together because they look so nice together


The Poem of Geode:

What is a geode

At first glance, it might seem like a rock

But in reality it is not

It is more of a stone with crystals

But only way to see crystals is to break open

However cracking up one not so easy

For it takes many precautions

Less hollow the harder

But more hollow the easier


Mine at first so bumpy

As well as dirty

But when broken open

Mine was one so hollow

With lots of sparkle and shine

One piece so big

Rest so small

The big shows the outside

While at same time the crystals

But small ones show more of inside

No wonder mine so bumpy

For the inside feels rough and bumpy too

But main difference is the shine and colors

For outside all brown

But inside all white


Inside of geodes

Show a different side of nature

For it shows nature is not what it seems

For you never knew what is on the inside

All is shown is outside


All shows that God is like a geode

For at first seems so complex

But not really what you think he is

But when finding your thin places

The inside of God reveals itself

Also shows that he is such a mystery

For sometimes need to hunt for thin places

As a geode is special

So to God and his creation

That is the story of a geode


Meaning of Kanuga:

I am so thankful for a lot of things here

But some really stand for me

For the joy of the fireplace lounge

Which is a great way to hang out

For all the new and familiar faces I see

Which is a great way to connect to others

For all the amazing songs

Which lifts me up and brings back memories

For all the great trails

For the hike and the view remind me of his creation

For the beauty of nature

Which makes my time special

And most importantly the connection to God

For when I am here the bond feels stronger

That is why Kanuga is so special to me


Kanuga Lake:

I am so big all around

I am very special in many different ways

First I am special to the creatures all around

I see fishes swimming around

I also see dragonflies floating above me

I cannot forgot all of the crickets

I know there are frogs because of all the lilypads

I also am hearing the sounds of bird chirping

For they form a peaceful sound

I love the sounds of all the critters

For the creatures are meant to be here

I enjoy the sound of the wind

I like it when the sun shines down on me

For it creates some sparkles and shine

I love the color of me

For it is so clean

I love all of the nature around me

For it is part of God’s creation

I most certainly cannot forgot about the trail

For it is one of the most special things about me

For it is a great place to take a nature walk

Another thing that is special about me is the people

They use me for many different things

One of them is that people swim in me

I also feel people using canoes

Then I cannot forgot all of the fishers

Who use my deck to catch some fish

And who are my all-time favorite fishers

It is those from Holy Comforter

For they mean the most to me

I love watching the church services at my chapel

I like it the most when Holy Comforter uses my chapel

Last time they were here, I saw a baptism

To me that was very special and for the church

Another special part about me is the pavilion

For Holy Comforter uses it for many different things

For it is used for adult socials and picnics

The picnic is used mainly to start the parish weekend

And the adult social is a way for people to get to know each other

I also enjoy the cottages that are near

I cannot forgot about the white cross

For it reminds people of why they are here

It is part my trail that I have

For it is a reminder that a cross is a symbol of Christ

And what is my name you may ask

Daisy Lake is just my name


Eagle Rock:

Twenty people hiked all day

To discover the eagle they will find

But first will need to find

The trail they will discover

Where challenges and courage to find

Which exist on both the way to the trail

And becoming on the hike up

But trail will be so much harder

Due to all the steepness and all the roots and rocks

But at the end will be so worth it due to the view

Except real treat will be climbing down

To see the eagle even though so hard

But was the reason hikers hiked all day


A Wonderful Pond:

What a very wonderful site to see

There are so many things around me

I may be just a pond, but I am special

But why am I special

I still cannot figure out why I am on this earth

I do not like my color

For I am so brown green, I look so dirty

But I am home to the creatures inside

It seems so strange that there is grass in me

It feels so unusual

I love being in the woods

For it feels so relaxing

I enjoy seeing all the trees all around

I may be just a pond, but all the animals love me

I hear so many voices of frogs and crickets

I spend most of my time viewing the sky

Because the clouds really speak to me

But do they hear me

I always wonder what is up there

I bet it is a kingdom made of clouds and filled with angels

I still feel stumped by the bench and the building

For they are not part of nature at all

Why are they there

Is it because I was meant to be watched

I still wonder what it up with these two legged creatures

Are they part of nature too

I still wonder if the animals feel like I am special

Who created me in the first place, I wonder

If I am special to the planet

Does the rest feel the same way

I may always be wondering this

What makes me special, if I am so small

To me everything that looks at me feels like a small city

Once again, why am I even here

But I still love being here

I may be just a pond

But there is great beauty around me all the time

Author: mphadventuregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog deals with spirituality and musicals. I am finding that by writing about these, I am realizing I know more about each of them then I think I do. I hope you find my blog inspiring!

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