Seize the Day

I ended up seeing Newsies today. The musical is about the newsboy strike of 1899, which is a true story. Jack Kelly, the main character, leads his group of friends on a strike after Pulitzer raised the price on newspapers, which makes the job harder for the Newsies. In today’s production, I had an understudy playing Katherine, Jack’s love interest.

I absolutely loved it. One of the best parts of this production is the choreography. This is a dance-filled musical comedy. The different dances were just mind-blowing. The boys were flipping, jumping high up in the air, jumping over each other, etc. I could believe that they were able to do all of those advanced moves. They even managed to dance on top of newspapers. The dancing really added to the whole experience.

As for the songs, they were memorable. My favorite song from Newsies is “Seize the Day”, the title song. I also love “King of New York”, “Carry the Banner”, “Santa Fe”, and “Something to Believe In”. The songs are always what makes me decide whether or not I love a musical. Whenever I fall in love with the songs, I always fall in love with the musical. In my opinion, whenever you fall in love with the songs in a musical, you also fall in love with the emotions. The score was both positive and negative and the best scores and strongest plots come from both.

The cast was incredible. Special ones to note are the Newsies and Katherine. The Newsies truly acted like a group of brothers. Jack has a special bond to Crutchie and I could see chemistry happening between the two of them. I even saw wonderful chemistry between Katherine and Jack. They really made the characters memorable. Other Newsies to note are Davey and Les, two actual brothers of the group. The reason why the the Newsies are so appealing because they are making a stand on what they believe in even though they are underdogs. Jack is the leader among them and yes there are times when the strike causes him a lot of conflict, but he still cares about his brothers.

So overall, it had wonderful staging, costumes, acting, dancing, and songs. I plan to eventually get the soundtrack. Musicals have a wonderful ability to connect you to the material. The songs are why musicals are so unique. There is just something about music that draws you in. I am planning to own the soundtrack because I loved it so much. The show is incredible.

17 thoughts on “Seize the Day

  1. I recently went into full out Newsies obsessed mode again recently, so it was great reading this. Also, I think you have a typo at the beginning because Hannah is not Jack’s love interest.


      • Basically everything, if I were to answer in short! The story is magnificent, how a bunch of normal boys rise together to achieve something spectacular. The music is pure genius, the lyrics can move me and make me cry and speak to me in such a deep way. Not mention how much I’ve fallen in love with the characters and how each has their own story and the strike means something a little different to each and every one. The entire show is just so carefully put together that I can’t find a single fault in it. I can’t put together all of my thoughts well, but that’s an idea of how I feel. I wrote a lot more than I realized!


      • I love this musical that it was able to make my favorites list. The dancing is so mind-blowing. The songs are incredible especially because the emotions are positive and negative. I especially love Jack and Crutchie as characters. I love how a group of underdogs stand up for what they believe in

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      • Yes, I totally agree with what you said! Crutchie is my favorite newsie since I relate to him so well and he is so brave even though he’s got a bad leg and kind of a bad leg. Who’s your favorite newsie? Hard question, I know.


      • I feel as if I can relate to Cruthie too because I know whats its like to be different. I love how despite his disability, he has such spirit and stays true to what he believes in. I love how all of the Newsies stand together in doing what it is right. I know the cause was hard on Jack at times, but he never gives up. I really love Jack’s special relationship with Cruthie.

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      • Definitely! I love seeing their freindship in the Santa Fe prologue from the Broadway version. And you really see in Carrying the Banner that Crutchie won’t let the limp define him when he see about he doesn’t need the limp to sell papes. I could just go on forever about the characters!


      • I couldn’t go on and on about the characters. That is because I just became a fan yesterday. I still hardly know it. I love how the first time you see a musical, you are seeing everything including the emotions in an innocent way because you don’t know what it is going to happen.

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      • I remember being like that first seeing Newsies. Although the first time I saw it I was just like: Oh, that was really good. But then I watched it again and was like: That was awesome. And the more I saw it the more I loved it and now I am totally obsessed. I’m so glad to know another fansie on the blogging world!


      • It is in my top three alongside Les Mis and Wicked. I go through moments where one of them I am totally obsessed and later I’ll drift to another. But yes, it is one of my top favorites of all time.


      • We have two of the same top three. Les Mis and Wicked are those are my #1 favorites. I keep on being asked which is better, but just can’t pick. You are literally looking at two severally different musicals

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      • I have responded to that question by calling Wicked my favorite musical comedy.

        One is a magical, more relatable, dance/spectacle filled, fantasy natured musical.

        The other is an epic, powerful, and inspirational musical.

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      • That’s a good way to put it. Although I hardly see The comedic side of Wicked when I think about it since there are still such powerful moments within it.


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