Hope in Les Mis

The quote, “even the darkest night will end and the sun will raise” is from the musical, Les Mis and takes places at the finale.

Les Mis is a very different musical then others. That is due to the sheer power of the songs and the plot. Even the incredible characters play a part in the uniqueness of this musical.  It is quite a heartbreaking musical, but at the same time an inspirational musical.

Musical emotions that help make Les Mis inspirational are uplifting, forgiveness, passion, love,  compassion and hope. Other things that make this heartbreaking musical inspirational include sacrifice and redemption. It teaches you that you can raise above where you came from, which comes from Valjean and Eponine. Les Mis explores different kinds of love, which is why the line “to love another person is to see the face of God” is the most famous line in the musical.

It is hard to explain where hope is in this musical, but you still can be aware its there. You see characters suffering during one of the darkest time periods in France. But at the same time, you can see them thriving, which is where hope comes in. Some characters keep on having hope that they will eventually climb from darkness to the light. Some characters know they will never climb out of their current situation, but they still manage to show compassion and love.

Understanding the inspirational nature of Les Mis is important to the experience. I choose to view all musicals through the light and not through the darkness. I get more out of my Les Mis experience when I understand that the show is way more then heartbreaking. In fact, I only can seem to understand the show’s negative emotions if I see them through joy. That basically means that you are willing to feel those emotions even if you know they are going to hurt.

Where do you think hope fits into Les Mis?

2 thoughts on “Hope in Les Mis

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