Why do I love to write?

Why do I love to write? What is it about writing that makes me drawn to it? Writing in a way represents who I am as a person. I have always been known to be a storyteller. Usually, I tell stories, but just never write them down. I have always had this wild imagination. Writing in a way feels like you are part of another universe. There are these things that everyone loves, but have no idea why they love it. Sometimes they just do and that is part of why I love to write.

Even though I love to write, sometimes I have to write about things I just don’t want to write about. Because I am still a college student, I still have to write annoying papers. Those are the times I just have to write because I am required to. It is hard to write something that you are required to write about when it comes to school.

But when I write for fun, the handcuffs go off and I am free to write about what I am interested in. This blog allows me to understand more of who I am. Blogging is not the only kind of writing that I enjoy doing. I write when I go on a big trip in order to remember what happened. I have been known to do that for quite a long time.

I write because it just feel free. It is a way to express your thoughts and once written down, those thoughts never leave. Writing just makes you realize what you actually know about certain subjects. For instance, this blog talks about musicals and spirituality. I already knew a lot about each. But I soon was to realize that I knew more then I thought I did on each of those subjects.

There are challenges to writing. But sometimes those challenges are what makes writing feel so wonderful. I dislike those challenges the most when it comes to a research paper or when writer’s block happens. One way to work around writer’s block is just write without thinking, which is a technique called “dump-trucking”. I learned this technique back in high school and it really helps.

Writing is just unique because no one has the same “voice”. There may be other spiritual and musical blogs, but mine is unique. That is because my “voice” of each of those subjects are different then somebody else. Everyone just has separate views of the exact same thing. That is the interesting thing because when you know how different you view the same thing, you begin to appreciate writing more. That is because you know that your writing is going to reflect yourself. It truly makes you appreciate who you are as a person.

True, writing can drive me nuts sometimes. But there are ways to work around the toughness of writing. It is much easier when you know what you want to write about. Writing basically tells people your life story. Everyone views the world differently and writing shows that. I am such a deep thinker and writing allows me to use that skill. I am able to analyze things so well that I can see more then one view of the same subject. As in musicals, I am able to look at both the light and dark side of each musical, but only if the show has both.

Writing makes you think differently. It help exercises your brain. Sometimes you may not know what to talk about, but the idea will come. Sometimes you know what to talk about, but sometimes you may not know how to express. You might have an idea, but it can be hard to bring that idea to paper. There is no wrong or right way to write because you are still writing your view.

I still sometimes don’t know why I write. Sometimes I do it because I want to. It is a place for imagination, thought, insight, and honest truth. Writing has the ability to work with all of that. So as long as you love writing, just keep on doing it no matter. I hope that this blog allows me to explore different sides of me. I feel as if when I write, I am writing to my “inner-self”, which is extremely spiritual. So write because you have to and write in order to use your imagination.


Author: mphadventuregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog deals with spirituality and musicals. I am finding that by writing about these, I am realizing I know more about each of them then I think I do. I hope you find my blog inspiring!

3 thoughts on “Why do I love to write?”

  1. We share some of the same reasons for writing! Your use of writing when you travel is a brilliant idea! I never thought of writing to keep a memory forever I always opt for photography to take the place of that. I hope to read more of your post in the future! 😊


      1. It’s a safe way to purge my own personal feelings and thoughts without worrying that it will offend someone or be used against me. I have recently learned that you cannot tell EVERYONE EVERYTHING but everyone needs someone to talk to sometimes. Sometimes they aren’t available..what are you to do…WRITE IT OUT ^_^ I also write to push myself and reflect from time to time. I love to see myself progress and move forward as well as others that may be walking in the same situations as I.


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