Voyage of Life

Dear Readers,

I blog for two different audiences. I like to blog to those who love musicals and those who are spiritual. The two hardly overlap, but they both have awe and wonder in them. I hope my blog inspires everyone who reads it. The things I blog about are meaningful to me. I am a spatially strong person who extremely loves musicals.

The thing about life is you have no idea how it is going to turn out. You don’t know what kind of journeys you will have. You don’t know who will be a part of this voyage. Part of your life is determined by God and the rest by yourself. I had quite a voyage so far, which has surprised me in unexpected, but wonderful ways. You never know which path your voyage will end up. But remember, your voyage is what you make of it.

I was raised to be a Christian and that helps my voyage a lot. Trusting in the Lord makes life so much easier, even though yes it still will be challenging. I even was able to develop a strong love for contemporary Christian music. That love came from just one very special place.That place was Kanuga, an Episcopalian Conference Center, in the mountains. Through Kanuga, I learned that there is a God. But the most transforming part of Kanuga was Winterlight, a high school youth conference, that I did for two years. Through that event, my interest in Christian music turned into a love for that kind of music. Singing and listening to the kind of music just fills my heart with my Holy Spirit and I just feel so connected to Christ.  Just last year, I went on my first pilgrimage to England. Linked below is a summary of my pilgrimage to Bristol.

Spirituality of Bristol Pilgrimage

My life also has consisted of going to musicals. Growing up, I developed this interest for musicals. When I was in elementary school, I saw musicals such as Cats, Lion King,  and Beauty and the Beast live. But I also was exposed to musicals through movies such as Aladdin, Sound of Music, and Annie. But when I saw Wicked on Broadway in 2006, the show sparked my love for musicals. It made musicals head in the right direction to eventually turn into a passion. The real passion for musicals really came from 2012 when I first watched the movie musical of Les Mis. I later would develop an obsession for that inspirational musical, which would led me to seeing the stage show and the 25th anniversary concert. The first time I saw the stage show of Les Mis was in 2013 at my community college. But the first professional performance I saw of it was in London and I truly experienced the true power of the musical. Linked below is a description of what I believe musicals to be capable of.

Musical Capability


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