Artsy World of Asheville

Today, my family went to an outing to Asheville, North Carolina. One of the things I love about this city is how artsy it is. Whenever you walk around downtown Asheville, there are always people playing instruments. There are various art galleries throughout the city. You  can see the art by the different kinds of architecture.

We spent part of the time shopping. I bought myself a new hat and a “mystery” book. The fun thing about the “mystery” book is that you have no idea what the book is until after you buy it. The book is wrapped up in brown paper and on that brown paper, there are words that describe the book. You have to take your chances and buy the one with the words that appeal to you.

It was nice to get away from Charlotte for a change. So far I have spent all summer back home in Charlotte. At least we were able to spend the nice day in a city known for its art. There are several different kinds of art expressed in this city. There are different styles of painting, ceramics, and even glass blowing. Those are types of art that we got to see today.


Author: mphtheatregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog mainly is about musicals. Every so often I talk about spirituality. Sometimes I add in movie reviews, book reviews, and about my life in general. I hope you find my blog inspiring.

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