The Most Meaningful Musical Emotions

In my opinion, certain musical emotions stand out more than anything. There are five main musicals that I have seen develop for as long as I can remember. They tie musicals together and make feeling all the different emotions worth it. Musicals are known for being emotional, which allows you to feel like you are going on a journey with the characters. The emotional nature of musicals also makes you feel connected to the material. The songs, characters, and plot must all work together to create an amazing musical.

The five main emotions are excitement, joy, love, sad, and heartbreak. These five emotions stand out more than anything. I have seen them develop in ways that I never would have imagined. The emotions that stood out growing up were excitement, joy, love,and sad. The crazy thing about sad is that I only connected to one sad song, which was “I’m Not That Girl” from Wicked. Because of that, it felt like it was the only sad song, and yet I still knew it was a common emotion. Heartbreak is a part of that song, but took me a while to find that emotion in that song. Sad and heartbreak are the slowest growing emotions from that list. But they have truly become real emotions instead of being limited and weak like they once were.

All because of “Les Mis”, sad and heartbreak got the amazing opportunity to be filled with so much truth, insight, and depth. “Les Mis” is filled with a lot of sadness and heartbreak and they truly captivate you and allow you to develop a strong empathy for the characters. Before that musical, I never cried during a musical song and I only felt sad at the surface and it was growing at a snail’s pace.

Now, the negative emotions are growing at a more steady rate.The first time I saw the movie of “Les Mis”, I was not that affected, but something told me I had to learn more about the musical and see the movie again. It was when I saw the movie for the second that the tears started, but now I react to the show more than ever. I say that sad and heartbreak are meaningful emotions because they are very common emotions and show up in multiple musicals. Sad is a part of so many musicals and the ones that have it are the more emotional, vulnerable ones even if sad is part of just one song. Understanding sad and heartbreak are tough, but they are better than ever. I feel so thankful that I am more connected to those emotions these days instead of how I felt them in the past. But sad and heartbreak are not the strongest emotions because there are some musicals where heartbreak does not exist and where sad is not present at all.

Heartbreak is the main source of sad in musicals. Musicals are covered with several deaths, unrequited love, abuse, prostitution, and other heartbreaking things.If it was not for the tragic musicals, I may not have been able to uncover the dark side of comedies. The thing I love about the heartbreaking songs is how beautiful they are and how they become meaningful even if it hurts to feel that emotion. Unrequited love is a huge source of heartbreak in musicals. Characters like Elphaba, Phantom, and Eponine go through unrequited love and they all respond differently. Heartbreak is always present in death no matter what even if a character’s death scene is their happiest moment of their life.

Excitement, joy, and love are the strongest and most important musical emotions. They grow at a faster rate than sad and heartbreak do. The initial emotion in all musicals is excitement due to the overture and because of that excitement helps drive a show to where it is supposed to be. Love is a very common emotion as well and when I think of love, I think of romantic love.

That is the main source of love in musicals, but there are other kinds of love in musicals. There is friend love, country love,  parent love, and above all, there is the love someone has for a show. The strongest source of love is very important because it allows you to appreciate the different emotions. The thing I love about joy is how it is present in the negative emotions and how it never gives up. Even when you are watching a sad moment, joy stays with you and allows you to love that kind of emotion.

These five emotions must work together in order to make an experience worth it. I prefer musicals that have excitement,  joy, love, and sad in it. Those are the more emotional and vulnerable musicals and are more human. However, you still need a balance, which is why I love the pure fun musicals. They do not have to deal with sad and heartbreak because those emotions are not there. I will always see musicals through joy no matter what.

Joy is the only emotion that can tie musicals together and makes them stronger. The joy, love, and excitement I have for a musical are stronger than any emotion. As much as sad and heartbreak repeat themselves, they do not have the ability to tie musicals together just because most musicals are comedies and due to the fact that they are not always present.

The other musical emotions sprout from the five emotions, which shows how important those five mean so much. Whenever sad and heartbreak grow, joy, love and excitement grow and become better. But there are times when I have seen joy, love and excitement grow and do not rely on sad. I will always rely on these five emotions and look forward to see how they will change in the future.


Author: mphadventuregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog deals with spirituality and musicals. I am finding that by writing about these, I am realizing I know more about each of them then I think I do. I hope you find my blog inspiring!

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