The Power of Music

My love for Christian music and musicals taught me about how powerful music is. I started an interest of both of them in elementary school. My journey of musicals taught me of the emotional world of music. Christian music showed me how music can make you feel better when you are down and taught me how music can bring make memories.

Growing up, I learned about the emotional world of musicals. I have grown up with comic musicals and I was able to learn about both the positive and negative emotions. The emotions that stood out the most was joy, love, and sad. By high school, I was aware of the emotional world of music. However I was to learn that the emotions in musicals were not fully developed. But at least I knew what three of the most common musical emotions were. Something told me that sad was a common emotion even though I was mainly aware of one sad song.

Now that I think about it, sad started developing before “Wicked”. However, I was twelve when I first saw “Wicked” and that was when I could understand theatre better. I felt it was that show that truly started the emotional journey of music. I was aware of a good number of love songs growing up. Due to the fact that all musicals were comic, I described all musicals as happy and full of life. It was in college when I learned that musicals have more emotions to offer than I originally thought. The comic musicals had to go on a journey from all to most. That was because I finally realized that there are musicals that are not happy.

The musical that showed me that I can love those shows is “Les Mis”. The show literally means “the miserable” and is covered with a large death toll. The characters are going through tough things such as unrequited love, poverty, prostitution, abuse, and more. However, the characters still find a way to thrive even though some characters feel more miserable than others. This musical had me see a new light on the emotional world of musicals. All of a sudden, the emotions took a different path.

“Les Mis” is a big emotional roller coaster because it is covered with so many emotions ranging from excitement to uplifting to joy to love to funny to hope to compassion to forgiveness to hope to anger to fear to sad to uncomfortable to depressing to heartbreak and more. This musical’s score is extremely powerful and emotional. If it wasn’t for what I grew up with, musicals would not be what they are today. To have sad develop through the comedies made me learn to appreciate the negative emotions. If it started through the tragedies, it would have been much harder to get used to the emotion. All because of the tragedies, the emotions became stronger in musicals. Now that musicals are a collection of both comedies and tragedies, I now call all musical joyful, unique, emotional, and full of life. I used to use full of life to describe a certain kind of song, but I realized that all songs are full of life because the songs come together to tell a story.

On the other hand, Christian music taught me about the power of music differently. My favorite type of Christian music is contemporary. Kanuga was the place where I first heard those songs. I realized that music can bring back memories because listening to  those songs reminds me of my experiences at Kanuga especially Winterlight and the earlier parish weekends. In high school, I was able to understand how music can make you feel better when you are down. Whenever things got tough, I would straight to listening to Christian music and I would feel better.

Just like musicals, I was able to learn about the emotional world of music through Christian music. Whenever I sing contemporary Christian music, I feel an emotional connection to God. Singing those songs at Kanuga was one of the reasons why I knew that there was a God. The best memories I having of singing songs at Kanuga was Winterlight. I loved the youthful energy of the songs and I loved how singing them made us one. At the higher energy songs, we would be clapping to the songs and at the slower songs, our arms would be linked around each other. Now, I get a similar feeling at the Gathering, a student-led worship service. God wants to me to make it the Gathering as much as I can. Going to the Gathering allows me to thrive at college. It is a place to feel an emotional connection to him and is a place where you could just easily sing the songs in a way where you just can sing the songs in such a way where you can feel emotion.

So overall, music is capable of so many emotions, can bring back memories, and is a source of healing. The thing I love the most about musicals is that they tell a story through song and that is why they give me much joy no matter what emotion I am feeling. I use music to heal me and have an emotional connection. It gives me an emotional connection to God and to musicals. I connect better to song than spoken words. That is why I love going to musicals more than plays. Having the songs tell the story makes me feel like I have a connection and relationship to the show. All of the shows that I love are loved for a reason. It is my joy, love, and excitement that are the strongest musical emotions. It is through those emotions that allow me to love feeling the negative emotions. I never really thought about how certain songs have changed my life. I only know how much music has changed my life.


Author: mphadventuregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog deals with spirituality and musicals. I am finding that by writing about these, I am realizing I know more about each of them then I think I do. I hope you find my blog inspiring!

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