My love for Elphaba

Elphaba has played a very important part of my life. She has been my favorite musical theatre character for ten years. I connect and relate to her more than other musical character. She is the character I can relate to the most and I look up to her. She is a beautiful women with great strength. There are characteristics of her that are part of me and that is why I love this character so much.

She is this very strong, big-hearted, “different”, smart, determined woman who believes in equality and stays true to herself. She is different for many ways and that is what makes her unique. She has this amazing power that she cannot control, but it helps her become who she is. She is green, which makes her different as well.The color of her skin makes people scared of her, but some people saw who she really is. The only people who saw past her green skin was Glinda and Fiyero. At first Elphaba and Glinda loathed each other, but eventually they turned it into a beautiful friendship.

The friendship started at the school dance when Glinda helped make Elphaba’s silly dance into something magical. They soon become best friends and changed each others lives for the better. Elphaba wants to give equal rights to the animals especially after she learned something bad was happening to them. That changed her purpose in visiting the Wizard. However plans quickly changed after she learned that the Wizard was responsible for the bad things happening to the animals. As a result she ran out with the grimmere and saw a complete new purpose in life. She decided to learn how to use her powers and be who she really was. The Wizard ended up warning the citizens of OZ that she is “Wicked”, but that is not true.

Despite being discriminated her whole life, she is still a very strong woman. She is involved in a love triangle with Glinda and Fiyero. At first, Elphaba was broken-hearted that Fiyero was in love with Glinda, but she did not realize that Fiyero always loved her. Eventually Fiyero and Elphaba got together after Fiyero snuck into the Wizard’s palace dressed  as a guard. Soon enough, Fieryo was considered an outcast after he tried to protect Elphaba when the guards were about to arrest her.

Frustrated, Elphaba does everything she can to save him, but she thought she failed. She said she will no longer do good deeds because each time she does one, the people label it as bad. She saved Boq’s life by turning him into the tin man after Nessa accidentally cast a spell on him, which was making his heart shrink, but the spell could not be reversed, and Elphaba knew the only way to save him was by turning him into tin. But the sad truth was Boq did not realize he would have died if Elphaba did not turn him into tin. The citizens that it was her fault that the lion was cowardly. But the truth was, Elphaba never truly became wicked. It really was Madame Morrible and the Wizard that were the wicked ones.

The most beautiful part of Elphaba and Glinda’s relationship was towards the end. It was when the two had one last moment to say how they changed each other for the better. The two also knew it was the last time they would see each other. It was such a bittersweet moment, but “for good” goes to the core of the show, which is friendship. The song warms my heart, even though I know this is their last moment together. But I do not think their friendship really died because they will not forget how special the friendship was. Also, Elphaba relied on Glinda to continue what she started. At the end of the show, Elphaba realized that Fiyero was alive because Elpaba turned him into the scarecrow. They both realized they could never return to OZ, but at least they will always be a couple.

Overall, Elphaba is a character I can strongly relate to. I am a big-hearted, smart, determined, “different” girl who believes in equality and staying true to myself. I also can relate to the friendship as well. I know what it is like to be different because my personality is quite different than I lot of my peers. I usually do not have friendships that share anything in common with me. My music tastes are very different because of my love for musicals. I always stay true to myself no matter what. Sometimes, I feel misunderstood by the friends, but for the most part, they accept me for who I am. Elphaba is still my favorite musical theatre character. It is special to find a character where multiple aspects of him or her are part of you. Elphaba is one of the main reasons why “Wicked” means so much to me. There are parts of her that I cannot relate to her, but I still fully connect to her. I do not think I am as strong as Elphaba and cannot relate to her unrequited love that she had for part of her life. “Wicked’ to this day is still my favorite musical comedy.

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