The Power of Music

My love for Christian music and musicals taught me about how powerful music is. I started an interest of both of them in elementary school. My journey of musicals taught me of the emotional world of music. Christian music showed me how music can make you feel better when you are down and taught me how music can bring make memories.

Growing up, I learned about the emotional world of musicals. I have grown up with comic musicals and I was able to learn about both the positive and negative emotions. The emotions that stood out the most was joy, love, and sad. By high school, I was aware of the emotional world of music. However I was to learn that the emotions in musicals were not fully developed. But at least I knew what three of the most common musical emotions were. Something told me that sad was a common emotion even though I was mainly aware of one sad song.

Now that I think about it, sad started developing before “Wicked”. However, I was twelve when I first saw “Wicked” and that was when I could understand theatre better. I felt it was that show that truly started the emotional journey of music. I was aware of a good number of love songs growing up. Due to the fact that all musicals were comic, I described all musicals as happy and full of life. It was in college when I learned that musicals have more emotions to offer than I originally thought. The comic musicals had to go on a journey from all to most. That was because I finally realized that there are musicals that are not happy.

The musical that showed me that I can love those shows is “Les Mis”. The show literally means “the miserable” and is covered with a large death toll. The characters are going through tough things such as unrequited love, poverty, prostitution, abuse, and more. However, the characters still find a way to thrive even though some characters feel more miserable than others. This musical had me see a new light on the emotional world of musicals. All of a sudden, the emotions took a different path.

“Les Mis” is a big emotional roller coaster because it is covered with so many emotions ranging from excitement to uplifting to joy to love to funny to hope to compassion to forgiveness to hope to anger to fear to sad to uncomfortable to depressing to heartbreak and more. This musical’s score is extremely powerful and emotional. If it wasn’t for what I grew up with, musicals would not be what they are today. To have sad develop through the comedies made me learn to appreciate the negative emotions. If it started through the tragedies, it would have been much harder to get used to the emotion. All because of the tragedies, the emotions became stronger in musicals. Now that musicals are a collection of both comedies and tragedies, I now call all musical joyful, unique, emotional, and full of life. I used to use full of life to describe a certain kind of song, but I realized that all songs are full of life because the songs come together to tell a story.

On the other hand, Christian music taught me about the power of music differently. My favorite type of Christian music is contemporary. Kanuga was the place where I first heard those songs. I realized that music can bring back memories because listening to  those songs reminds me of my experiences at Kanuga especially Winterlight and the earlier parish weekends. In high school, I was able to understand how music can make you feel better when you are down. Whenever things got tough, I would straight to listening to Christian music and I would feel better.

Just like musicals, I was able to learn about the emotional world of music through Christian music. Whenever I sing contemporary Christian music, I feel an emotional connection to God. Singing those songs at Kanuga was one of the reasons why I knew that there was a God. The best memories I having of singing songs at Kanuga was Winterlight. I loved the youthful energy of the songs and I loved how singing them made us one. At the higher energy songs, we would be clapping to the songs and at the slower songs, our arms would be linked around each other. Now, I get a similar feeling at the Gathering, a student-led worship service. God wants to me to make it the Gathering as much as I can. Going to the Gathering allows me to thrive at college. It is a place to feel an emotional connection to him and is a place where you could just easily sing the songs in a way where you just can sing the songs in such a way where you can feel emotion.

So overall, music is capable of so many emotions, can bring back memories, and is a source of healing. The thing I love the most about musicals is that they tell a story through song and that is why they give me much joy no matter what emotion I am feeling. I use music to heal me and have an emotional connection. It gives me an emotional connection to God and to musicals. I connect better to song than spoken words. That is why I love going to musicals more than plays. Having the songs tell the story makes me feel like I have a connection and relationship to the show. All of the shows that I love are loved for a reason. It is my joy, love, and excitement that are the strongest musical emotions. It is through those emotions that allow me to love feeling the negative emotions. I never really thought about how certain songs have changed my life. I only know how much music has changed my life.


Review of “Wicked”

Today, I ended up watching the musical, “Wicked” a fourth time. I am a massive fan of the musical and first feel in love with it ten years ago. This time around, I went with a group of Gardner Webb students. I was so excited that I was able to go a fourth time.

I knew this show would be spectacular the moment I was about to find my seat. We are climbing up the steps to the balcony and when I started seeing green in the opening, I felt transported to OZ. If the show transports me to OZ before the show begins, than I knew that the show will be spectacular. My seat was almost at the very back row, but still a good view. What I loved about this is appreciating the grand size of the set even more. I saw all of the famous dragon set piece and I couldn’t wait until it started moving. At todays performance we had an understudy as Elphaba, Mary Kate Morrissey and had Ashley Parker Angel as Fiyero.

The moment the show began, I knew the show would have the heart that it always has had. The dragon is what starts the show and seeing all the monkeys on the stage made you know you were in OZ. This was an incredible cast particularly by those who played Elphaba, Glinda, and Fiyero.

Mary Kate Morrissey was an wonderful Elphaba. I could see how much she wants to be included and accepted. I saw all the hate Glinda and Elphaba had for each other. During “I’m Not That Girl”, I almost cried, and I planned ahead of time to play extra close attention to what I was feeling during that song. That was because I knew the song was heartbreaking this time around.  She pulled out everything special of this character. I was able to find her strength especially during scenes such as “Defying Gravity” and “No Good Deed”. I loved her transition from younger Elphaba to older Elphaba because in act 2, Elphaba had a more mature voice. Elphaba still is my favorite musical theatre character. This time around, I saw something else in Elphaba that is also a part of me. I learned how talkative she is and is me all right. She is also very smart, determined, “different”, big-hearted and believes in equality and staying true to herself

Amanda Jane Cooper played a very funny Glinda. Loved her right when she started singing in the opening. I always look forward to the comedy of Glinda. I laughed during a lot of her scenes. “Popular” was extra special to me because it was my favorite song from the musical when I was twelve. I also could feel some hurt from Glinda in act two and I always thought of her as a funny character. I never thought about some of her pain, but there is some. Her heart gets broken when Fiyero breaks up with her and hearing everything the citizens are saying about her best friend.

The big highlight between Elphaba and Glinda was “For Good”. It was so good that I cried and that scene is bittersweet. “For Good” is the only musical duet I can relate to and it is a bittersweet moment.. Even though they are saying what they mean to each other, it still is a goodbye song. Their friendship will always remain even though they will never see each other again. I feel like this was the first time I cried during this song.

I also really loved Ashley Parker Angel as Fiyero. He serves as part of a love triangle because Elphaba and Glinda both love him. In the second act, the character is quite different. In fact act, I could see how he doesn’t care much about life. His slogan is “Dancing Through Life”. He does not take life seriously. But during the second act, there is a change in him. The moment I love watching Fiyero the most is during the love duet, “As Long as Your Mine”.  This is an essential moment because I love the Elphaba and Fiyero relationship. Fiyero has always loved Elphaba even at first, Elphaba did not realize it. He decided to play the Lion Cub scene in a way that showed he had a crush on Elphaba, but deep down didn’t know realize he it. He already in act I decided to have stronger chemistry with Elphaba then Glinda. He fell in love with her around the same time Elphaba sang the unrequited love song, “I’m Not That Girl”. This time around, I wanted to understand why the plot twist happened instead of being confused once again.

Even though they were the standouts, I still loved the rest of the cast. I do not like the Wizard or Madame Morrible as characters. In fact, I prefer the character of Morrible because of her arc. The Wizard does not seem to change that much, he is just a character being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The way Wendy Worthington played Morrible made me see her arc. Than there was the complicated Boq and Nessa relationship. Megan Massako Haley played Nessa amazing. I liked her portrayal the most during “The Wicked Witch of the East”, a song that is not in the CD, but in the show. I saw how tortured the character is and how hurt she was of Elphaba’s betrayal of her. Sam Seferian played Boq, who is a character in love with Glinda. He always tried to show his affections for her, but she never noticed.

As always, the different spectacle, dance, and sound effects were OZian. My favorite dance scene in this musical is “Dancing Through Life”. It is the moment when Elphaba and Glinda first become friends. It is also when the audience first meets Fiyero. At first Elphaba cannot stand him, but she soon learned that she fell in love with him. The way the different spells happened were magical. Whenever the dragon operated, it gave a feeling of suspense and showed that something dramatic was about to happen. One of my favorite spectacle moments is during “Defying Gravity”. I love seeing Elphaba fly and I loved being in the balcony where you could actually could be looking straight at her when she is in the air. However, I saw her but the dragon’s claw soon blocked everything when she was the most high up. I especially loved the use of the fog during “As Long As Your’e Mine” because it makes the love song an amazing scene. There is something mystical and breathtaking about the scene when Fiyero and Elphaba are kneeling in the fog. The costumes during Emerald City were brilliant. My favorite costume in the show is Elphaba’s second act costume.

At the end of the show, I was speechless. The show ended up being more powerful and emotional than ever. The show does have a bit of an emotional ride in it. For the first time, I loved “No Good Deed”. I finally understood the emotion behind it and the song was filled with so much energy and power. During “Defying Gravity”, I loved being in the balcony because it that scene when she is up in the air flying. Because you are able to see her flying from your view makes that scene even more remarkable. For now, “Wicked” is my favorite musical. It still has the heart that is always has had. It is the most magical musical in existence. I am so glad I cried during “For Good” because it shows where the core of the story lies. This musical has been part of my life of ten years and still has the same impact. For now, “Wicked” is my favorite musical and was the show which would spark my love for musical and was the moment when I finally started understanding the emotional impact of the musical.

The World of Sad Musicals

Because yesterday’s blog focused on the happy musicals, I thought it would be interesting to look at the sad musicals. While most musicals are happy, the sad musicals have played such a very important part in musical theatre. They have been successful despite the fact that they are not the happiest of shows. They are in the minority of musicals, but they play such a big role. I never thought that sad musicals would exist, but so glad that they do. They gave me a new perspective on musicals and made me think of the emotions differently.

I cannot think of that many sad musicals and I have not seen all of them quite yet. The ones I am familiar with are  “West Side Story”, “Rent”, and “Les Mis”. “Phantom of the Opera” can fit with the sad musicals, but I have never seen the Phantom as the main character, but the show is close enough to being sad.

“West Side Story” is a modern retelling of “Romeo and Juliet”. That show has been quite a reluctant musical only because of what it is based off of. That was silly, but I like it enough to get the music. That has played some impact in my life, but is not a meaningful musical.”West Side Story” was the first tragic musical in musical theatre history. It is an old classic and tells the tragic story through dance. I want to see this show on stage eventually to see if I can fix this relationship with it. I still cannot decide if I like it or love it. It is in the middle of both, but I am slowly loving the songs more and more.


It is “Les Mis” and “Rent” that are meaningful to me. The characters in those two have difficult lives, but they find a way to live through it. “Rent” takes place during the huge HIV/ AIDS epidemic and yet they still try to live in the moment instead of living the past. The show is dealing with controversial topics, but I still love it.  I love its message of No Day But Today.


“Les Mis” is the most meaningful of the sad musicals and also the best of them. That musical showed me that tragedies can be loved. “Les Mis” may be the saddest of the musicals, but it is the most inspirational. It pushed the emotions I thought I knew in a different direction. They added layers to existing emotions and through the show, I discovered new emotions. The hardest emotion to feel in this musical is uncomfortable, but I learned to tolerate it.

I discovered that I can love a death scene, which is quite surprising especially if you love death scenes of favorite characters. The show is a gigantic emotional roller coaster because it has several emotions and you feel connected to the material.  The show has an inspiration connection because the show is covered with elements of sacrifice, hope, humanity, compassion, love, forgiveness, and ultimately redemption.

The first time I experienced the show, I had a hard time with the emotions and as a result, shock covered them up. But my soul wanted more of the musical and I soon started to love it more and more. This show has been running in the West End for thirty years and has had tremendous impact on the history of musicals. It showed how a musical can still be brilliant and not be filled with all of the dance and spectacle. The success of “Les Mis” is quite surprising considering what the title means. The show is covered in misery and lots of death, but yet there is something it that makes people go on an experience that is worth it.

Despite the rareness of these musicals, they still are big. I am aware of their success and how much of an impact they had on musical theatre. I still cannot believe they are still a fresh part of my life. I fell in love with “Rent” four years ago, which is the same year I watched “Les Mis” for the first time, even though I first discovered the musical in 2009. Soon in 2014, I watched the movie of “West Side Story”.

I only have seen one of these live on stage, which is “Les Mis”. In fact, if it wasn’t for the sad musicals, the emotions in the happy musicals may not have shifted. Because of the sad musicals, the negative emotions are much more visible in them. Talking about the sad musicals can be difficult at times, but are so worth it. Every successful musical plays a huge part in what a musical is capable of. Despite these sad musicals, I know that I can call all musicals joyful due to the experience and trying to find the positive nature of the sad musicals. For instance the core of “Rent” is life and the core of “Les Mis” is humanity.


The World of Happy Musicals

From my perspective, I believe that most musicals are part of the comedy world. I mainly know that because of what I grew up with. All the musicals I grew up with were happy musicals. They ranged from “Seussical “to “Cats” to Disney ones to  “Grease” to ” Annie” to “Sound of Music” to “Wicked” to “Hairspray” and “Mamma Mia”.

In fact, musicals were capable of more things that I had known. They were capable of both positive and negative emotions, but both kinds developed at different rates. The positive emotions were growing faster than the negative emotions. The emotions that stood out the most were joy, love and sad. By high school, the emotions reached a point where they stopped developing. Without me knowing, the emotions would soon develop in such a way that I thought was impossible. Sad was this emotion that was always felt at the surface and never had layers to it. I saw the strength of love and joy even more. I was aware of multiple love and exciting songs. Besides those three emotions, there was also excitement, funny, and anger. I also learned they were capable of spectacle and dance. Wicked was that musical that would spark my love for musicals because it was when the emotions had much more meaning in them.

It was a hard change when the happy musicals had to change from all musicals to most musicals. That was at the time when tragic musicals became a part of my life. I know this post focuses on happy musicals, but it is important to know what made most musicals happy. I still remember what it was like when every musical was happy, but I am thankful for the shift. I discovered “South Pacific”, “Oklahoma”, “My Fair Lady”, “Singin’ in the Rain”, “Music Man”, and “Pippin”. I have seen all of those in some way or another. In addition to those I was aware of “Little Shop of Horror”, “Cinderella”, “Funny Girl”, “Bye Bye Birdie”, “Annie Get Your Gun”, “Kiss Me Kate”, and “King and I”. I know there are other happy ones besides those.

It feels as if the happy musicals never seem to stop increasing. I might not have seen some of the happy musicals that I discovered, but at least I am aware of the existence. Out of all the happy musicals, “Wicked” is the best. Because of what I grew up with and what I am discovering now, I know the musicals are mostly happy. In addition, I also am aware of the history of musicals. Originally the origins came from vaudeville and comic operas, and musicals were called musical comedies because that is all that existed for quite a while. They always had more emotions that I realized growing up. The emotions were stronger than I originally believed. The negative emotions can be quite sneaky because they easily can be forgotten and can be part of a happy song.

The happy musicals are more like leaders now. Growing up, the basis of all the emotions were created, even though the emotions were not that complicated. The way I react to the negative emotions now in happy musicals has shifted. I recently saw “Sound of Music” on stage and I cried during “Edelweiss” and it was the first time sad was part of that song. Than I memorized the words to “I’m Not That Girl” from “Wicked” and learned it was sadder than I thought and now when I listen to it, the emotion is felt much deeper and once in a while has reduced me to tears.

“Life in the Zig Zag”

“Even considering the exceptional character of the revelations. There, to keep me from being too elated, a thorn was given me in the flesh, a messenger of Satan to torment me, to keep me from being to elated. Three times I appealed to the Lord about this, that it would leave me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is made perfect in weakness.” So, I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me. Therefore I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities for the sake of Christ; for whenever I am weak, I am strong

2 Corinthians 12: 7-10

This was the passage that yesterday’s student-led worship service was about. We are learned the fastest way to get somewhere is through a straight line. But on a spiritual journey, the closest way to get to God is through a Zig Zag. That is because humans are broken. Each time we reach a point on the Zig Zag, most beautiful thing you encounter is God’s son. When he reach heaven, God wants us to look more like his son. Your weaknesses also show your biggest strength even if you are not aware of it. Everyday, your spiritual journey continues. Each time you reach a point on that Zig Zag, you feel the strongest and during those times, rough and hard times will happen, but if you are aware that God is always there, your life will be worth it. The person you need the most in life is always there even if you are not aware, but God is always there and he is always speaking to you even if you not hear him. It seems ironic that your weaknesses are what makes you strong. It is crazy to think that when your weaknesses show, you are strong. But we are flawed human beings and sometimes we may not have the strengths we have if it wasn’t for our weaknesses. If you trust in the Lord, your life will always have meaning and during your darkest of times, the Lord will help you get past it. It is usually during those darkest and toughest times when you need God the most and that is why when you are weak, you are strong. Think of your spiritual life as a Zig Zag because it allows us to get closer to becoming more like God’s son.

“He is no fool to give up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose”- Jim Elliott

My “Les Mis” journey

Major Spoiler Alert

“Les Mis” has played such a huge impact on my life. My journey with this musical started when I had my first experience with it. It was December of 2012 and my parents took me to see the movie. I already knew one of the songs, which was “I Dreamed a Dream”. I did not know anything about the plot or what the title meant. I saw a preview before going to the movie, but i still was unsure whether I would like it or not. But I soon was discover it was going to play an important part in my musical journey.

The first time was quite shocking. I had no clue it was a tragedy to begin with. After the first character died, I figured it out. For the rest of the movie, I watched the movie in shock. I could not see past the sad world and I mainly paid attention to the happier moments. Shock covered up all the emotions and my mind was half awake because of that. However my soul was wide awake and after the movie ended, I was thinking “did I just like a tragedy”.

The only reason why I knew that my soul was wide awake because I automatically went straight to researching the musical. I added the songs to my Pandora broadway station. I only remembered hearing three songs when I saw the movie. They were “I Dreamed a Dream”, “Master of the House”, and “Do you Hear the People Sing”. I left the theatre with “Do You Hear the People Sing” stuck in my head. I researched all sorts of things about the musical such as the time period and Victor Hugo. I researched information about the musical as well. I soon decided to watch the movie a second time and watching it this time was easier on me. The emotions were much more real this time because I finally was able to appreciate the musical for what it is. I cried this time around, but only twice. I still wanted to know why this musical makes me feel uplifted.

I decided to dig deep in the show and figure out why this extremely tragic musical is also uplifting. I soon learned it is a story of sacrifice, love, faith,  humanity, hope, compassion, forgiveness, and redemption. Now things started to make more sense. I developed an obsession over this musical and it was the only thing I could think about. I knew I had to see the stage show eventually and luckily my community college did it.


When seeing it on stage for the first time, things were completely different. The songs were in a different order and some plot points were different. It still was the same show, but just different. Because it was live, I felt the sadness even more. Because I signed up to be an usher that year, I got to see the show three times. Once was with my family and the other two was being an usher. The things that surprised me about this performance was how phenomenal it was even though I could see where there would be room for improvement, but glad I got the opportunity to finally see the musical on stage.

My journey with “Les Mis” would not end there. I soon knew I had to see the stage show professionally and also had a dream of seeing it in the “West End”. I eventually read the abridged version of the book and it made me appreciate the musical even more.I knew it would be special to see it in London because it is the only original show and it is where the show opened. When I found out my family was going to London in 2015, I started to convince my family to take me to “Les Mis” because my dream would come true.

Finally in the summer of 2015, I got to live my dream of seeing “Les Mis” in London. After I found out I was going to be seeing the show, I was speechless and in tears. Coincidentally in the summer of the same year, I decided to read the unabridged version of the book, which made me love the musical even more and it shows how emotional the show is. That is due to the book being covered with so many emotions, which explains why the musical is as powerful, uplifting, and emotional as it is. I actually got to watch the show when it was in the middle of its 30th year. When I first saw the theatre, I could not believe what I was seeing. My dream became a reality right when the show started. The moment the lights went off and the music began, I knew my dream was becoming reality and that it was more than I excepted.I knew my emotions will be stronger this time around.

When the action began, I automatically felt the power of the storyline. I ended up having an understudy as Valjean (Adam Bayjou) and he was brilliant. I could easily see his transformation from a harsh man full of hate and anger to a man filled with compassion, and love. I could feel desperation of Fantine during her journey and it broke my heart. In fact, Rachelle Ann Go only played Fantine for a month when I saw it impressed me how she was able to play Fantine so well.  Carrie Hope Fletcher was one of the best Eponine’s I ever saw and my heart broke for Eponine. I could also feel the student’s passion for their cause and I could feel how hopeless they felt after Eponine died.

I finally cared for Javert because Jeremy Secomb did a wonderful job expressing the character’s emotion during his soliloquy. The Thenardiers’ gave me a much needed laugh and in my eyes, those characters are those you love to hate and hate to love, because I loved how they provide the comic relief, but I cannot appreciate their greedy, cruel abusive side, but the side is shown once in a while through their humor. I do not like how they mistreat their kids.

I cried the moment Valjean was released from prison and I did not see that coming. The emotions were spot on that night and I felt way more than fifteen emotions.Mom and I were nine rows back from the stage and I loved those seats. They did not block the barricade at all. The set was incredible and the best set piece was the barriacade. Overall, the London production was epic. I ended up meeting the guy who played Jean Valjean when I went to the stage show. Gong to the stage door made me nervous but I got to have a picture with him and he signed my playbill.


I am still obsessed with the musical. I own the movie, the 25th anniversary concert, two playbills, tickets, a poster, two versions of the book, and a stage to screen book. I watch the movie as much as I can. I also own the piano book and know how to play the songs. Because of my strong knowledge of the songs and characters, I was able to add emotion to the songs when I play. So overall, this show taught me that tragedies can be enjoyed and that they do have a positive nature.

Before this musical, I fully believed I would not like tragedies at all. Tragedies were also unheard of for a musical, but they play a big part in musical theatre. This musical helped me get though a rough time that I experienced in the fall of 2014. I was able to experience the emotions in a new light and it also touches my soul in a way that I cannot describe. In my opinion, “Les Mis” is kind of the holy grail of emotions because it has so many. Some are harder to work with while some are easier to work with. I had to learn to tolerate uncomfortable, but I understand the importance of that emotion. I am so thankful it is part of my life because of what I learned from it. I now want to eventually see the show in another language especially because I am a Spanish minor and wonder if seeing the show in another language will still have the same emotional impact.

Importance of Christ in Life

I am a very strong spiritual person and it is very important to have Christ in your life. Growing up as a Christian, I have enjoyed developing my spirituality. Through Kanuga, an Episcopalian Conference Center, I learned that Christ does exist. It wasn’t until high school when I understand how important Christ is in life. Because of the special meaning of Winterlight, I began to truly understand how strong Christ’s love for us is. It took forever until I found the right way to pray. Nothing was working, but I soon figured out the right way in college. I learned that writing was one of the best ways to communicate to Christ. Whenever I was feeling sad in high school, I would listen to Christian music because it made me feel better. I could feel Christ’s presence, which is why it always felt good to listen to Christian music.

I still barely read the bible, but due to being at a Christian college, I read it more often. I used to pray only for myself. But I soon started praying for others as well including those I do not know. I go to the Gathering every week which is where the presence of Christ feels the strongest. There is this kind of energy in that worship service that makes me know that Christ will never give up on you. If you are going through a rough time, it is important to understand that Christ will guide you and make you feel better.

I love the impact I have on people when I volunteer. Back in high school, I developed a deep connection for those less fortunate than I particularly the homeless and poverty population.When I volunteer, I love the smile I give to others, which is how I know I left an impact. I was part of Beta Club, an honor society, in high school and part of the club volunteered. I went to two outreach events with my Diocese. I also went on a mission trip to Welsh, WV. When I attended Winterlight, there was a service project on the last day. The first time I went we made blankets for migrant workers and we ended up blessing them during the final eucharist. The second time I was there, we packaged twenty thousand meals during a “Stop Hunger Now” event. I also volunteered with my family during “Room in the Inn”.

Now that I am in college, I still find ways to volunteer. I am part of Campus Civitan, a volunteer club. We  have volunteered at a homeless shelter, Special Olympics, Relay for Life, and Octoberfest. These are a couple of things we do, but we also other things. We have raised awareness about homelessness during homelessness awareness week. We volunteered at a benefit concert and attended a homeless panel. Currently, we volunteered during MLK day and that left a big impact on the staff at Miracle Hill. We were split into three groups. My group’s job was to organize clothing. We volunteered with the women’s volleyball team that day.

If it wasn’t for Christ, I may not be the person I am today. Just remember, Christ will always be there for you. because he will never give up. He is a part of our soul and nurtures it to the fullest. His love is greater than any love imaginable. He has a large capability to forgive and heal. Just remember, he will lead us in the right direction to become a better person. My journey with Christ will continue to get stronger.If i put faith in him, it makes college less stressful. Trusting in him is one of the main reasons why I am still thriving at college. Christ is always talking to us even if you feel like you cannot hear him. He makes every day worth it and makes us the best person we can be.