“Bah, Humbug”

This is what Scrooge likes to call Christmas. He says that Christmas is a humbug, meaning that the holiday is pointless.

The movie, “A Christmas Carol”, is a wonderful movie about this bitter and angry man who only cares about money. He does not pay Mr. Crathcit  much money at all. Mr. Cratchit has a crippled little boy named Tim and the family cannot afford much. Mr. Scrooge does not understand the full meaning of Christmas.

When he finally is home on Christmas Eve, he is haunted by Marley’s ghost, who warns him of what is going to happen throughout the night. Mr. Scrooge learns that he is to visited by three spirits because Mr.Scrooge needs to turn his life around. He does not quite understand why he has to be visited by these spirits. The first spirt is to come at 1:00, the second at 2:00 and the last will come when he pleases.

The first spirit is the ghost of Christmas past. He takes Scrooge back to the time when he was just a boy. Mr. Scrooge remembers that he did not have a very good childhood. He was abandoned by his father at a young age. Eventually when he was older, his sister comes to pick him up because his father wants him to come home. But his father only wants him to stay for three days. His father has set him up with a job. Through this job, Scrooge has fallen in love with Belle, but he created a greed for money at such a young age, which has made Belle leave him. Through the ghost of Christmas Past, Scrooge learns of what has made him the person that he has become.

The second spirit is the ghost of Christmas present. He sees the Cratchit family celebrating Christmas. When Scrooge sees that they eating a small goose, Scrooge becomes saddened because it was all they could afford. When he learns that tiny Tim will die if the future is not altered and Scrooge is upset by the news. The ghost also takes Scrooge to his nephew’s house to show them celebrating Christmas. Some of them seem happy that Scrooge did not come. The last image that Scrooge sees saddens him the most. He sees the homeless celebrating Christmas and sees that even though they did not get much, they still celebrated Christmas as family. The spirit shows him that ignorance and want are Scrooge’s family. This spirit leaves him and Scrooge does not want to be where he currently is.

The last spirit is the ghost of Christmas future. This is the ghost that made Scrooge the most upset. He sees people celebrating the death of a certain individual and robs from this person and Scrooge cannot believe he is hearing and seeing all of this. He wishes to know who this dead man was. But first, this dark spirit takes him to the Cratchit’s house. Scrooge is saddened to see that tiny Tim has died. But the family still manages to remain faithful and hopeful despite the death. He asks the spirit if what he has seen will be able to be altered, but this spirit never talks. When Scrooge learns that the man everyone was talking about was him, Scrooge cannot believe people who glad that he died.

When Mr. Scrooge finally arrives back in his bedroom, he finally gets redeemed. He says he will keep the ghosts of the past, present, and future in his heart. When he learns that it is Christmas by a boy, he tells the boy to buy the biggest turkey. Scrooge decides to give it to the Cratchits, which gives the family the best Christmas they ever had. He also donated a large sum of money to the poor. He also agreed to his nephew, Fred, to  come to his Christmas dinner. He finally has learned what Christmas is about. That same day, he doubled Mr. Cratchit’s salary and Mr. Cratchit is surprised by this. Mr. Scrooge agrees to help the family in any way he can in order to provide for tiny Tim.

As it turns out Tim did not die. He finally was able to fully walk again and was cured of his illness. Mr. Scrooge became like a second father to Tim. This movie truly teaches about the meaning of Christmas. If it wasn’t for the spirits, Scrooge would not have been to change from a miserable, bitter man to a caring man. “God bless us everyone”


Author: mphadventuregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog deals with spirituality and musicals. I am finding that by writing about these, I am realizing I know more about each of them then I think I do. I hope you find my blog inspiring!

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