Les Mis Staged Concert

My Sunday highlights did not end at Lessons and Carols. It actually ended at a staged concert of Les Mis at the cinema. In some ways, seeing it really brought out my entire journey of Les Mis. Here’s why: the very first time I saw Les Mis at the cinema: I did not want to be there; I was so unsure of the Les Mis film and did not know what to think or respond. But this time around, I actually wanted to be there and knew exactly how to respond.

Just like in November, I came across actors/actresses I had seen once before- I had already seen the 25th concert film and had seen the show in the West End. Each time I see Les Mis, I am expecting to be an emotional wreck and knew where that tends to begin.

Led by Alfie Boe (one of the actors I had seen before), I knew I was in for something special. Usually in Les Mis, my tears start at “I Dreamed a Dream” (no matter who sings it), but mine started prior to “At the End of the Day”. I actually was not surprised. I already developed strong feeling for Alfie’s Valjean after seeing him in the 25th concert. Once again- he shines as as Valjean. That list would continue of those I had seen before. Some of those come from my West End cast.

Originally seen as Eponine, this time around I would get Carrie Hope Fletcher as Fantine. Both of my Fantine’s I saw this year reduced me to tears (like I expected) during “I Dreamed a Dream”. It is just that kind of song where only a few notes can hit you like a pile of bricks. In the staged concert, the reaction was pretty strong during that song- I knew it would. Well, those I saw in the West End cast would continue.

I even saw Rob Houchen and Bradley Jaden once again. I saw them as Marius and Enjolras back in 2015 and once again this time around. Still love those two as Marius and Enjolras. Seeing all of these actors again was incredible. I literally was brought back to that night by seeing some of these exact same actors once again- the night I lived a dream. July 30th, 2015. The picture below is from that night.

“I Dreamed a Dream”

At the end, there are was a quintet of “Bring Him Home” and a duo of “Stars”

It is hard to believe that back in 2012, I really did not know what to think of Les Mis or how to respond or react. Then, all it took was a 2nd chance of the film in 2013 and the rest was history. 2013 was the same year of seeing the stage show for the first time and watching the 25th anniversary concert film. From seeing the stage show in 2013- the other years I saw the stage show turned out to be an every other year pattern.

My actors/actresses now for characters is either 5/6/7. Meaning I either saw five actors for a role or six for a role or seven for a role. For some of these characters, I do know who my favorite actor/actress is- but for others that answer is hard to figure out. The top three is even harder to figure out for some of them.

Lessons and Carols 2019

One of my favorite Holiday church service is the Advent Lessons and Carols church service. During those, more lessons and more carols-it does lead to a service ending later than usual. Beautiful music.

Yesterday- funny story: our church almost lost power. When Lessons and Carols happens, it truly feels like you are officially in the the Holiday season. My other main favorite Christmas service is not until Christmas Eve.

Meaning of A Christmas Carol

A couple days ago, I finally got to see the George C. Scott movie of A Christmas Carol. Of all Christmas Movies, that is the main one I hope to see. It is a tradition to actually see it. There is a lot of meaning in the story- what is it exactly?

For one thing- A Christmas Carol does have some nostalgia in it. That is due to the fact that I have loved the story since I was (I believe) either in middle or elementary school. So, it is quite important to my life.

It is also my favorite Charles Dickens’ story- it may be one of his shortest, but my favorite. It truly shows you the spirit of Christmas. The story has a lot of characters to fall in love with: from Scrooge to Tiny Tim; etc……It takes you on this incredible journey- Scrooge can seem can like a protagonist you can strongly dislike, but in reality, he is not. Yes, there are some characters you are around for only a short period of time, but they are important- to explain why Scrooge became the why he is. I love how Christmas Carol shows why people become who they are all the way to showing that you can change. Each of the spirits represent their particular time frame: of the past, present, and the future.

It is hard to explain why I love A Christmas Carol so much. That is what can make a good story- you somehow just know: do you know what I mean?

Christmas Movies I hope to Watch Every Holiday Season

We have our traditions. We have the things we hope to accomplish during the Holiday Season. For me, there are three movies in particular I hope to see- one of which has been watched for several years. What are those movies exactly?

White Christmas

  • While this is a musical movie, I would not watch it all year long. That is because it is holiday movie. It is kinda of hard to describe why I hope to watch this movie every Holiday Season.


  • This is one of the very few movies that my entire family watches during the Holiday movies. It is such a delight to watch. This might just be my favorite holiday movie if A Christmas Carol did not exist. It also is one of those movies that teaches you what Christmas Spirit is.

A Christmas Carol (George C. Scott)

  • Yes, I am a millennial, but of all Holiday movies, this is my favorite. It has been tradition to watch this for a very long time. There is something about A Christmas Carol that strongly drives you in. It truly shows you what Christmas Spirit is. It has an incredible cast of characters (yes, there are a lot). I love Scrooge, Tiny Tim, among others. You truly can feel connected to Scrooge- especially because you see his backstory come to life due to the Ghost of Christmas Past. I love seeing all of the Spirits come to life except the Ghost of Christmas Future (which creeps me out).

Are there any holiday movies you hope to see every Christmas Season?

Another Look at Fiyero

One character that is very hard to get to know in Wicked is Fiyero, a Winkie Prince. He is more complex than he seems to be. He might seem simple on the surface, but in reality that is not the case- I know this from seeing Wicked four times and being around Wicked for thirteen years. PROCEED, BUT MAJOR SPOILERS:

He truly is a jerk when you first meet him. He is so annoying, and this bugs Elphaba. He did knock her over along with her school supplies- you do not think anything will happen between the two of them. He literally has been kicked out of several schools. He does not care about school one bit and cares more about the fun. In the beginning- it is Glinda and Fiyero. He organizes a school dance, and this is actually the moment when Elphaba and Glinda first bond and become friends.

Dancing Through Life- Fiyero (Wicked)

The Lion Cub Scene, I believe, happened a few months later. He actually has softened up a bit. Elphaba recently cast a spell on an entire classroom after seeing a scared lion cub in a cage. Fiyero is trying to figure out why that spell did not affect him. The Lion Cub Scene is when the love triangle between Elphaba, Fiyero, and Glinda truly begins- it actually does some foreshadowing for Fiyero’s decision in act II. Based on the way that Fiyero and Elphaba are interacting shows that Fiyero does have a crush on Elphaba, but deep down does not seem fully aware of it. It is this scene when Elphaba comes to the conclusion that she in fact is falling in love with Glinda, which leads to “I’m Not That Girl”. Elphaba actually made up her mind not to steal Fiyero away from her best friend- that is how strong their friendship is- they will not let a boy get in the way.

Little does Elphaba know what will happen in act II. She will end up with Fiyero, and her best friend will get the unrequited love she faced in act I. The Lion Cub Scene was one clue that pointed to that. Another scene that showed that Fiyero had a crush on Elphaba was before she left for the Emerald City- Fiyero could not stop thinking about the Lion Cub Incident.

“Thank Goodness” was truly the moment when Fiyero picked up on his love for Elphaba he was blind to. He was upset about the rumors spread about Elphaba, and could not believe Glinda was not doing anything to prevent that (Glinda was Elphaba’s best friend after all). Glinda did not like it either, but Fiyero could believe she was supporting all of that. Fiyero automatically left to go looking for Elphaba to confess his love for her.

Fiyero went from being a jerk to softening up to becoming this courageous and mature young man. When he found Elphaba, she was able to realize that he did love her. They both ran out to confess their love for each other (“As Long as Your’e Mine”-my favorite Fiyero costume is what he is wearing in this number). Both protected each other from this number on- when Elphaba was about to get arrested- Fiyero arrived and told others to “Let her Go”, and as an attempt to protect him from getting hurt, Elphaba tried spell after spell. Their relationship is so unexpected- considering the fact that 1) Elphaba did not like him in the beginning and 2) Elphaba had unrequited love for him in the beginning.

Fiyero and Elphaba- "As Long as Your'e Mine" (Wicked)
Fiyero and Elphaba

Here’s what I believe- I think the love triangle in Wicked develops and matures in the same way the characters do.

Holidays Has Begun….

It officially feels like the Christmas season has begun. Starting last week, my dad and I put up the outdoor Christmas lights- we have four Christmas balls, three balls, and lights on bushes. It does feel like it is time to officially began to listen to Christmas music. I love a mixture of Christmas songs- not just the fun songs, but hymns as well.

Christmas is my favorite holiday. Just last night, my mom, dad, and I watched “The Man Who Invented Christmas”, which was about how “A Christmas Carol”, was written- A Christmas Carol is my favorite holiday movie and is family tradition to watch. As someone writing a book, it was interesting watching “The Man Who Invented Christmas”- I thought it was the best thing to watch that movie before “A Christmas Carol”. More than anything, the most important movie to watch during the season is “A Christmas Carol”- it means a lot to me

Church Services- I can’t wait for Lessons Carols (which to my surprise, there are actually two of them, not one (one is for Advent and the other is after Christmas) and The Candlelight Christmas Eve Service. The Candlelight Christmas Eve Service may start at 10:45 at night, but is totally worth it: the organ, strings, and the trumpet are part of why along with the moment at “Silent Night” when the lights go out and the candles are lit. Those are my favorite church services during Christmas season.

I can’t wait till there is a Christmas tree. I love decorating it with all the ornaments. I do love wrapping the presents and putting them underneath. At times, I try to guess what I am going to get. I understand the spirit of Christmas. It is one of the best and magical times of the year.