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Today, I am doing a Newsies post. Just last year in August, I decided to watch Newsies for the first time when it toured to Charlotte. I was with my mom, dad, and sister. I first heard the songs through Pandora and enjoyed them. But I wanted to see the stage show and after hearing it won choreography in the Tony Awards.


So yesterday night, I got to see the stage show again. This time I watched a movie that was made of the stage show. I got to see the original Jack Kelly (Jeremy Jordan), Katherine Plumber (Kara Lindsey), Crutchie (Andrew Keenan-Bolger) and Davey (Ben Fankhauser). There were some others from the original cast and there were some from my touring cast. As reading the actors names from the ending, I noticed that I saw my same Pultizer, then my Crutchie and my Katherine were in the cast as well except in different parts.

Seeing Newsies last night made me see so much more than last time. One of my favorite scenes from Newsies is “Santa Fe (Prologue)” because it sets up the close bond between Jack and Crutchie. Jack is quite protective of Crutchie considering how vulnerable his friend. Jack in fact is protective of all his brothers, but Crutchie means so much more. The first dancing number in Newsies is “Carrying the Banner” and seeing it in the movie is so fun even though seeing Newsies live makes the dancing even more exciting. But the dancing in this movie is still mind-blowing. My favorite dance number is “Seize the Day” especially when you see the boys dancing on newspapers.


Last year, Joey Barreiro was my Jack, but I loved Jeremy Jordan just as much. The difference was I loved them in a different way. Joey’s Jack had more innocence than Jeremy’s Jack. For both of them, I was able to see Jack’s inner conflict that he was able to go through. Jack is a dreamer and a romantic. Twice, he sings about his desire to go to Santa Fe. The first time, he is very hopeful, but the second time, Jack is obviously quite upset after seeing what has happened to his Newsies during the big fight especially to Crutchie. So throughout act II, Jack is about ready to give up on the strike and this inner conflict helps make him a complex character.


Andy Richardson was my Crutchie and Andrew Keenan-Bolger was this Crutchie so I was able to find a brand new love for Crutchie. I don’t remember “Letter From the Refuge” that much from last year so the movie allowed me to see it and actually remember it. Andrew was such a wonderful Crutchie and loved seeing “Letter From the Refuge” performed. Despite Crutchie being sent to the Refuge, he still has optimism about the strike. Crutchie being sent to the Refuge left Jack with a lot of inner conflict.


I find Ben Fankhauser to be a really good Davey. It was nice getting to know him this time around. I felt like I had to relearn Davey a bit. Davey and his little brother, Les, are the newest members to the Newsies. Davey helps establish the strike and when Jack is just not there, in a way he is like the leader even though he isn’t the leader of the strike.

Kara Lindsey brings a fresh light to Katherine. Through Kara’s Katherine, you can tell that Katherine loves being a reporter. Jack falls in love with her and you can tell in the second act that Jack has felt an attraction to her. But it wasn’t until “Something to Believe In” that the two of them fall in love. Katherine really helped Jack with his inner conflict so after the song, you realize that Jack doesn’t fully give up on the strike.


As much as I don’t like Pulitzer, Steve Blanchard is still a wonderful Pultizer. He was my Pulitizer last year, but I don’t remember him that much. You can see him not being nice to the Newsies especially to Jack.

In Newsies, I love how the towers change shapes in order to advance scenes or to create different locations. The dancing in Newsies not only advances the story, but it also serves as a way to transition to the next scene. One of the biggest reasons why I love Newsies is the dance. The dance shows the youthful energy that the boys have. All the Newsies are quite special because they are like this one family with Jack as this leader. This story of them standing up for what they believe in through a strike is inspiring. They did not like the prices going up so they went on strike. While at the end, the price stayed the same, Pultizer agreed to sell back their papers. The things I want in ALL musicals are songs I love, characters I love, and a plot I love. Dancing is an added bonus when it comes to  a musical.

The meaningful musicals tend to be the most likely to have positive and negative emotions in the score. The main songs where the negative emotions take place is “Santa Fe” and “Letter From the Refuge”. When those negative emotions happen, it makes the story even more believable. Because this is based off of a true story, it makes sense why there is both positive and negative emotions.

Are you a Newsies fan and why?


God’s Special Work of Art

Each one of us is God’s special work of art


This quote is so true. Everyone one of us is made in God’s image. No one is exactly the same and if we were, the world would be boring. God has a plan for each of us. There is a reason we are one this earth. Our beliefs, values, interests, and passions vary and so are our personalities. The world is quite diverse and beautiful in the fact that everyone is different. We can have more than one passion. Sometimes what happens in our life may not make sense, but everything happens for a reason and we soon realize that everything happened at the right time.

Les Mis movie vs Les Mis stage show

Yes, I am doing another Les Mis post. I have thought about doing this post before, but never thought of doing it. I thought it would be neat to compare and contrast the movie from the stage show. There are some differences, but obviously because it is Les Mis, there are some differences.

Major and Minor Spoilers:


  1. In the stage show, On My Own has an introduction, but the movie does not have the introduction.
  2. Drink With Me, A Little Fall of Rain, Castle on a Cloud, A Heart Full of Love and Turning are shorter in the movie than the stage show
  3. Dog eats Dog is only in the stage show
  4. Suddenly is an original song in the movie
  5. There are fewer barricade song bits in the movie than the stage show
  6. In the movie, Fantine and the Bishop deliver lines together during the Epilogue, but in the stage show, those lines are between Fantine and Eponine

Song Order

  1. In the stage show, “I Dreamed a Dream” is before “Lovely Ladies”, but in the movie, “Lovely Ladies” is before “I Dreamed a Dream”
  2. In the stage show, “One Day More is the act one closer with “On My Own” in act II, but in the movie “On My Own” is before “One Day More”
  3. In the stage show, “Do You Hear the People Sing” is right after “Red and Black”, but in the movie “Do You Hear the People Sing” is after “One Day More”
  4. In the stage show, “In My Life” is right after “Do You Hear the People Sing”, but in the movie, “In My Life” is after “Red and Black”
  5. In the stage show, “Stars” is after the Robbery, but in the movie “Stars” is before the second “Look Down”
  6. In the movie, “Eponine’s Errand” is after the Robbery, but that scene is after “Stars” in the stage show


  1. In the stage show, all the barricade boys die on the barricade, but in the movie most die on the barricade and some die in the tavern
  2. In the stage show, Eponine gets shot on the way back to the barricade after delivering a letter to Cosette from Marius, but in the movie she gets shot after sacrificing herself after seeing a gun aimed at him. Eponine sacrificing herself for Marius is seen in the book.

Who Delivers The Letter?

  1. In the stage show, Eponine delivers the letter from Marius to Cosette, but in the movie it is Gavroche. This move in the movie is closer to the book since Gavroche delivers the letter in the book. Marius has the same intention in both the movie and the stage show: he was trying to protect.

Eponine has some differences

  1. In the movie, Eponine steals the letter that Cosette wrote to Marius, but in the stage show, she never stole the letter
  2. Eponine has more lines in the stage show than the movie, which means that Marius has more lines in the stage show as well since Eponine spends most of her time with him.
  3. Like I said earlier, Eponine sacrifices herself to save Marius in the movie as opposed to the stage show when she gets shot in the crossfire on the way back to the barricade.

Why the Changes? 

These changes were partly due to the fact that they wanted to make the movie closer to the book. That is why Marius sends Gavroche to deliver the letter. That is why Eponine takes the letter and gives it to Marius at the time of her death because that is in the book. Even the circumstance why Eponine is shot is closer than the book. The reason why they wrote “Suddenly” in the movie is because they wanted the audience to better understand the impact that Cosette has had on Jean Valjean’s life. Another reason for these differences is due to the fact that there are differences between stage shows and movies.

Are there other differences you have noticed?


Pumpkin Painting

Last afternoon, I went to an annual Gardner Webb event called Pumpkin Painting. I have made one every year. This was my last time painting a pumpkin and it wasn’t a real pumpkin but a pumpkin from Michael’s. Because I will be graduating in May, I decided to make a Gardner Webb themed pumpkin. That is why my pumpkin is red and black because those are Gardner Webb’s colors. I used black paw prints because our mascot is a bulldog. On top of the paw-prints are black glitter. Pictured below is me with one of my suite-mates.


Besides Pumpkin Painting, there are other events I am doing this year with Student Activities. I will be seeing Les Mis in Greenville, which is an hour away, with Gardner Webb and that will be my 5th time seeing the show, my 2nd time with a professional company and my 1st time with a touring company. Then I will be going to Pinterest Night. So events are coming up in the future.

Struggles of Being a Musical Fan

As a musical fan, there are some struggles. Today, I thought I might list some of them down.

  1. Being called too passionate about musicals- to me that sounds like do not be passionate at all
  2. Describing why you love musicals to someone and after you say why, that person still can’t understand why
  3. Not knowing all the words to all the musical songs you love
  4. Not being a good singer, but singing along to the musical songs anyway
  5. Struggling with understanding what some musical songs are about
  6. Trying to describe why you love negative emotions to someone, but that person still doesn’t understand since the negative emotions hurt anyway
  7. Trying to describe why you love romance, but people just don’t get it
  8. Loving a musical character, but having no clue why you love them in the first place
  9. Waiting and Waiting to see a musical you always wanted to see live, but feels like forever until you get the chance


Strength in God

For I can do everything through Christ, who give me strength

-Philippians 4:13

I am going to try to describe this piece of scripture. God gives us many gifts and one of them is strength. Not everyone ends up much of a strong spirit even though it can be achieved through everyone. It just seems easier for other people. God gave me a strong spirit and I have developed it over the years through nature and through contemporary christian music and events and places. One such place is Kanuga, an Episcopalian Conference Center, in Hendersonville and that is where I got to know God and I was able to go to Parish Weekends and Winterlight, a high school youth conference, the thing about Kanuga that means the most. Events like Outreach developed that strength as well. I been to a pilgrimage and that was a huge part of developing my spirituality. Opportunities at Gardner Webb developed the strength even further and those included The Gathering, volunteering, and other things.

So what I am saying is that God gives us strength. God gives us hope even times are tough. We can achieve our callings through God and he makes us stronger even when we seem week. There is always hope no matter even if it seems like there isn’t. We can achieve our dreams through God. God is one reason why I am the person I am today. Things happen in our life for a reason even when it does not sense. God places certain people in our lives to make us who we are and to test us at times. Strength is an important aspect of life and God helps us get spiritual strength. Spiritual strength is one of the greatest gifts I have. Anyone is achievable through God and don’t ever give up even if you feel like you have to.  We need God in our lives because he makes us strong when we are weak and he allows us to see light even if that light seems far away.

How would describe this piece of scripture?

Favorite Ensemble Songs

Today will be another. I wrote musical songs posts before, but I don’t think I ever wrote a list of ensemble songs. The ensemble songs tend to be where the dance is, but sometimes those songs don’t have dance in them at all.

  1. Look Down
  2. At The End of the Day
  3. One Day More
  4. Do You Hear the People Sing
  5. Red and Black
  6. One Short Day
  7. Dancing Through Life
  8. What Is This Feeling
  9. Seize the Day
  10. The World Will Know
  11. Carrying the Banner
  12. King of New York
  13. Once and For All
  14. NYC
  15. Hard Knock Life
  16. Your’e Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile
  17. Wells Fargo Wagon
  18. Magic to Do
  19. Be Our Guest
  20. Belle
  21. Oklahoma
  22. Farmers and Cowboys
  23. Tradition
  24. There Is Nothing Like a Dame
  25. Morning Glow
  26. Rent
  27. Seasons of Love
  28. La Vie Boheme
  29. Finale B
  30. Finale (Les Mis)
  31. Drink With Me
  32. Master of the House
  33. Consider Yourself
  34. There’s No Business Like Show Business
  35. Masquerade
  36. We Beseech Thee
  37. Prepare Ye
  38. Prologue: Jellicle for Jellicle Cats
  39. Gaston