My Most Likely Tag

For me, this can apply to their present and future selves.

Most Likely to Make Costumes on Broadway

This is defiantly 100% Jasmine. She was born into an artsy family. She knew how to sew buttons and sequins on doll dresses by 4.5 or some young number. She would for sure either go the costume designer route or actually help make the Broadway Costumes themselves. She already helped make a special doll for her twin sister (Aurora)-her sister named it Male. It was the best creation Jasmine made and the final doll Jasmine made with her mom.

Most Likely to Sacrifice their lives for someone they love

This is so Misty. Considering her protective nature to Sparkle, I can see her sacrificing her life for someone she loves later in life.

Most Likely to Travel the World

Why do I see Lizzy doing this? For some reason, Lizzy the Lizard seems to fit.

Most Likely to Become a Painter 

Well, in some ways Sparkle already is a painter. She is by nature a drawer so she could paint in between the lines.

Most Likely to Become an actor or actress on Broadway

FOR SPOILERS- Tweetsie. She spends Tale of the Cattail Forest struggling to figuring out her natural gift. She realizes eventually that she is a performer, which would make her a triple threat.

Most Likely to Become a teacher

Yes, I am using a supporting character here. In addition, the character has no name yet. She happens to be the caregiver of the six major characters in Greatest Discovery. She works really good with children. The kinda of caregiver she is does show me that she would have been a good teacher.

Most Likely to Help an abused child 

SPOILERS: Aries, for sure. At the beginning of the book you know he is an incredible and confident leader. You know he is trying to protect everyone. Soon enough, you realize that he is an incredible father-figure, which is what he becomes to Sarge.

However-later, I believe Aries and Sarge together with help abused children. I know Sarge hates revealing what happened. Still. Sarge will need to be with Aries for some time. If Aries leaves Fairy Creek, Darcy will have to look after it- he is next in line after all.

Most Likely to Become an Author

I thought of think ideas of authors any hear. Let’s bring out the book and the theatre writers= both do write a story. I really struggled with this one. I had to repeat a character on this one.

I decided to do Misty. Well, look she is a singer. That would mean she can WRITE music. So, that would mean she would write the songs for either ballet, musicals, or operas. See what I mean, why authors make sense?

Most Likely to go on a Quest

I once again had to repeat myself. Of all my adventurous characters, Sparkle is the most. That is why I think she would love to go on a quest.


Dealing with the Corona Epidemic

Yes, the Corona Virus is affecting everyone. Yes, it is putting things at halt. It is putting highlights and events either postponed or cancelled. For all of us, it is having us under a lot of stress. We have to find a way to deal with how it is affecting us. That means if it is cancelling church: how do we worship, if it is cancelling anything- how do we still stay true to ourselves. In some ways, it feel like this gigantic stress ball before this enormous final in some way. Well, I have found some ways. Let me bring up some of the things that mean something to me, and how I dealt with them: some of which I only am beginning to realize how to.


Well, I love going to church whenever I can. Well, church got cancelled. Many people on this blog do know I am a massive musical theatre fan- did you know I love contemporary christian music just as much? The way I am finding my worship through those songs- songs like “Sanctuary”, “Great Are you Lord”, “Fierce”, “Servant Song”, “Power to Redeem”, “Lord, I Lift Your Name on High”- just a few example. Those are songs I have either discovered through Kanuga (Parish Weekends and Winterlight) or The Gathering- listening to them on Sunday has become my church.


There are some theatre plans that have been postponed. Anastasia was going to come to April. In March, I was going to go to the informance to get discount tickets, but it got postponed. Then, North Carolina got put on lockdown- that is now telling me no Anastasia. That was one of my top musicals I wanted to see this year. I have no idea how the virus is going to affect Blumenthal for the rest of the year- there are still two more musicals I want (Frozen: which I already have tickets for) and Wicked). How in the world do I keep that love alive.

Obviously, I have the blog, but how do I keep it alive outside of the blog. Well, there was one time, The Met Opera streamed some of their operas from the past- I watched La Bohème during that time period: that was the one opera I love.

Look: In terms of musicals, I have my Broadway soundtracks, and I have my love for them in my heart. Don’t forget, musicals don’t just exist in live theatre. They are found in movies: I own Les Mis (both the movie and 25th concert), Beauty and the Beast (2017), Aladdin (2019), My Fair Lady, Singing in the Rain, Frozen—–I even own some of the sequels like Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again. Those aren’t the only musicals that my family has-just naming some.

Loaves and Fishes

The distribution of food has changed. Each week this month, it feels like it keeps on changing. So, that confuses me. I just have to remember what we are there for—–that we are making a difference. Two of my gifts I was given are a strong spirit and Outreach- that is why I do so well at Loaves and Fishes. Going there also keeps my worship alive.

March in Review

It is now the beginning of April. March was NOT at all what I wanted it to be. My main highlight I originally wanted did get postponed. So, I will have to try the best to do this March in Review.

La Bohème-Met Opera

Yes, I saw La Bohème in January. However, my family streamed this version. That actually made up for the postponed Anastasia Informance. That was due to my love for theatre and my love for La Bohème.


What Blumenthal Performing Arts began doing was giving us clues to the 2020/2021 season. I always look forward to that moment.

Tomorrow-White House Scene Analysis

In the middle of (I think) yesterday, I thought of my favorite song from Annie. As some people know, Annie used to be my favorite and is a childhood musical of mine. “Tomorrow” is my favorite song from the musical. I want to specifically bring up the scene from the White House.

Annie does take place during The Great Depression. During the White House scene, it is NOT just sung by Annie. That scene reminds me of how we have to hope and have to (in our ways) survive through this Corona Virus Epidemic. Even though the song originally was sung by Annie, the version sung in the White House reminds me of what we are going through at the current moment.

My Own Most Likely Tag

Let me do this today. I decided to create my own most likely tag. I will randomly think of”most likely” ideas and create a tag. That means I might end up with repeat answers.It shall be interesting what I will come up with.. You can use all of your characters. In my case, it has to be mostly Tale of the Cattail Forest characters, but I know I can go to Lizzy the Lizard and Greatest Discovery (but I barley have characters).

Most Likely to Make Costumes on Broadway

Most Likely to Sacrifice their lives for someone they love

Most Likely to Travel the World

Most Likely to Become a Painter

Most Likely to Become an actor or actress on Broadway

Most Likely to Become a teacher

Most Likely to Help an Abused child

Most Likely to Become an Author

Most Likely to go on a Quest

Before I answer these, I want some of you to answer. I open this tag to anyone.

Most Likely Tag


One: Thank the lovely blogger who tagged you. (saw this on The Story Sponge and decided to do this tag)

Two: Include a link to the tag creator’s page (That would be the lovely Phoebe.)

Three: Use your own lovely Original Characters (OC’s); don’t use a friend’s characters or characters from your favorite fandom. They can be from any project, so long as you created them. For more fun, try to use as many different characters as possible. ( I used mostly Tale of the Cattail Forest characters, but some other book characters sneaked in)

Four: Tag at least five lovely blogger friends to play along.

Now here, we go: Just for a warning, there might be some SPOILERS from my books

Most likely to be a poet

Technically, Misty already, in a way, is poetic. She is naturally gifted in singing. She already writes songs and does sing them

Most likely to dance in the rain

I find Tweetsie doing this. She already loves dancing and playing the creeks. She is five after all.

Most likely to look good in a kilt

I find none of my characters looking good in a kilt. Well, if you want SPOILER: it would have been Tweetsie in a way. Only if she had to perform. But she typically wouldn’t go for that look.

Most likely to get punched in the face

Okay, in terms of backstory Sarge probably did get punched in the face by his father- that abused lasted from ages 4-13. This abuse left Sarge with emotional scars causing him to become a bully- he mistreats multiple characters in my book: so most likely to get punched in the face I think most likely will happen to I think is Marge- she is his his easiest target since her father was loving (if you don’t know, Marge and Sarge are cousins).

Most likely to drop everything and become a sheep-herder

I don’t see anyone doing this

Most likely to be found in the library

Well, I think the orphans and the caregiver of Greatest Discovery.

Most likely to sleep through an earthquake

Well, I am thinking Lizzy.

Most likely to steal food from other people’s plates

Oh boy, this is difficult. Now that I think of it, it probably would be Lizzy. She is curious that she might just “steal” a bit from someone else’s plate. She is so curious that she loves exploring that farm- from looking at the animals to going into the plants to the barn where she sleeps. She would most likely steal food during the day- maybe even worse part of a plant.

Most likely to cheat on a test

well, I guess Sparkle is the best answer here. She is not always honest and is stubborn. She does not always tell the truth, but would she be a cheater? She is only 12 and most likely would skip a test more than cheat. She is deeply invested in her craft in drawing- she would not miss any of those classes and would love taking those tests and actually keep any drawing she made. In my book, she has a backpack full of drawings and has even more in her drawing studio.

Most likely to say “Oops” after setting something on fire

I don’t know why my mind is saying Celeste. She usually borrows woodcarving tools from Felipe to use things for pottery, but usually loses them or forgets to return them. She is only eight and just experimenting her craft. I really don’t know why Celeste is coming to mind.

Most likely to open an orphanage

Actually, this belongs to a secondary character. Sorry, but she has no name yet. The caregiver of the major characters of Greatest Discovery. I have thought of the idea that possibly she was an orphan herself- she is looking after six girls: Aurora, Jasmine, and four others (have a hard time thinking of the names). She is basically in the middle of opening an orphanage herself. The story is set in NYC, and I keep on thinking where they live is somewhere near Central Park. She is actually like a mother to these six girls- they are in Central Park a lot to play, they celebrate birthdays, etc.

Most likely to survive the zombie apocalypse

All the Fairy Frogs. Why All? One of the key characteristics of being a Fairy Frog is cleverness so they would have found a way to survive.

Most likely to fake their own death

This has a double answer. Well, on stage yes, but none of my characters will fake their own death outside of the stage. Tweetsie and Jasmine most likely will want to be part of theatre. If you want a SPOILER- I will tell you this, Tweetsie realizes she is a performer so it makes perfect sense for her.

Jasmine comes from an artsy family, and she has always loved sewing on beads and sequins on dolls’ dresses. The last doll her mom made wore a dress that had beads and sequins and Jasmine put on herself (yes, she was about 6.5 or even younger). I can see Jasmine as both a costume designer and even a performer.

Most likely to run off with the circus

Two of my characters are adventurous: Sparkle and Lizzy. I can see Sparkle doing this- she did go to a place that was off limits, but the only place she knows is The Cattail Forest. But if she heard of the circus, she most likely would try to find a way- getting her in trouble again. She would draw more of the animals and the performances much more than actually being part of the circus itself.

Most likely to die and haunt their friends

Actually, my answer sounds crazy. One of my characters already has someone haunting them. Due to what Sarge’s father did, his father does haunt him- those nightmares are real and are actually making it worse. They are causing him to become more and more like his father- the answer truly is the ghost of Sarge’s father. He is constantly reminded of what happened—he can’t even control himself that he ends up mistreating others. He hates revealing anything and doesn’t want anyone to mention his father.

I tag anyone

Different Point of View- Tale of the Cattail Forest

This will be related to “Tale of the Cattail Forest”. As some know, that is the title of my first WIP. I decided this post will come from the perspective of someone who isn’t in the book, but connected to backstory. I decided it will be from the perspective of Sarge’s uncle, who is Marge’s father- so Marge and Sarge are cousins. Marge and Sarge have a very complex relationship. Now, here is the perspective of Sarge’s uncle.

Have you known love? I have, but for me it has been kind of difficult at one point on my life. Before we get on to that, let me talk about my life growing up. I was born in Graysloup, and ended up being the youngest. My mother and father loved my brother and I equally. My brother and I were close- we would usually play games with each other. I loved my brotherI knew how much my parents loved us. I had thought that when both of us had kids, we would both be loving parents and that things would be amazing.

When my nephew was born, it was one of my best days of my life. However, as the years slowly went by, I saw a change in my brother- a change I DID not want to see. That was before my daughter was born- I think something told me that my brother was going to be unkind to Sarge. My nephew was too young to understand at the time. When Marge was born, Sarge was only five, but was already getting abused. I wanted to help my nephew, but I couldn’t-my daughter meant everything to me. Sarge’s father was abusing him with words alone- what was wrong with my brother? That I wasn’t understanding.

I strongly wanted to help my nephew, but I couldn’t. If I did, I could risk my daughter getting hurt. I knew that I was never going to allow her to see her uncle. She needed to be kept safe from that abuse.

I still can remember those nights when I heard my nephew cry himself to sleep. It was that bad. I knew the abuse was both emotional and physical. I knew he would have physical and emotional scars. I was seeing them coming from Sarge himself based on the way he acted. How can you explain those tears at night? Not only was he crying himself to bed, but I heard those happen during the day. The nightmares- yes, I knew he was having them. I hated seeing my nephew treated like that. I still loved my nephew, but he would never know. It is so hard to love a daughter and to love a nephew who is being abused. There are days when I saw my nephew away from his father, but acting more aggressive- the abuse was starting to take a toll on him and I was afraid he could become just like his father: abusive, cruel, and mean. He was next in line to be leader- so I was worried about the future of Graysloup.

I truly saw the scars show up when his father left him excepting him to know how to lead. Well, before I could see scars and bruises on my nephew. I could see some emotional scars. However, things would get worse, way worse. It would take a toll on all of Graysloup and the Fairy Frogs.

He started mistreating my daughter-his cousin. That was what the abuse led to- he became quite angry and lonely. He did not know how to control any of the anger that was boiling inside. That anger led to my nephew mistreating all of Graysloup, but my daughter was his easiest target- he was jealous of ME- just because I was loving. Just because my daughter was related to Sarge, she began to be misunderstood—I honestly did not get that—-after all, hello she doesn’t just have an abusive uncle, but a loving father too. However, I noticed that being Sarge’s easiest target did make my daughter fully realize what was truly going on. We desperately needed help, and the only ones in the forest who had the power were the Fairy Frogs.

How could Sarge forget about our loving relationship and the loving parents he had and what about the friendship he once had with Norg? He had known love and friendship. Graysloup became quite a miserable place because of my nephew. I did not understood after Sarge’s father left that I did not become the leader- Sarge was only 13 when his father left: so even though my nephew was next in line, I was older- so wouldn’t it make more sense for me to become leader.

He was not known done yet. He would mistreat the Fairy Frogs. That is what caused problems in the first place. Because of Sarge’s actions, the Fairy Frogs were no longer allowed to interact with us. I had known the Fairy Frogs were deeply compassionate, and I could not believe we couldn’t interact with them. I knew it was for safety, but I knew that there could be a chance that maybe the Fairy Frogs might be able to help what is going on due to their compassion. They were after all the most special creatures of the forest.